Check on a deal

I wanted to see I was close on a 2016 Subaru Crosstrek premium in NY

Msrp 26564
Sell price 25339
Mf .00129
Res .69
2139 down including tax and first month
249.87 monthly

How many months is it for? Is the 2139 the total amount due at signing? If so, is the acquisition fee included in that amount or is it rolled into the lease?

I will say that the discount from MSRP seems pretty small.

Thank you for the reply, it is 36 months 10k miles. All fees are included in the 2139$.

id find a dealer that will do 3k off msrp

It is not a good deal. I would pass

Thanks for the info. What makes it a bad deal, where should I look to improve?a

shoot for more off the sale price and see what all the down payment includes.

Bad deal is the one that:

  1. Has huge down payment
  2. High Mony Factor
  3. Just a little discount for the selling perice off the MSRP

You don’t have to put any down payment, find out what is the base MF and don’t let dealer screw you up with marking MF higher for their profit and negotiate to get more discount off the MSRP

Great thank you both!