Check My Lease NJ - S60 T6 Mom

Qualify for USAA which I don’t see and Loyalty which is 4500 until 6/30 correct?

Loyalty is $2k, that’s what the rebate shown is.

Volvo lease cash is $4500, USAA is $500. These are likely rolled into the discount amount, so you’re at 11% pre-incentive discount. That’s a pretty good place to be. Have you verified mf/rv with edmunds? Have you considered MSDs?

verified the RV/MF, its legit. I havent figured this out correctly on the calculator, am I doing something wrong?

Needed to adjust sales price, incentives, RV, taxes, and fees

Thanks! So not a terrible deal eh?

Not bad at all.

Look for a demo, 11% is pretty good for a new Volvo right now, and stacked with loyalty, good quantity of lease cash, and USAA, finish your homework and go out and play (explanation: research other options, although you only have till tomorrow in June).

Sorry, this was a demo. I didnt pull the trigger. My lease has another 3 months ( I took advantage of Volvo lease forgiveness/extension for 2 months) so I have some time. Hoping July brings a bit better pricing.

Errr, it didn’t. July is very messy.

As long as you don’t pay over 350 or worse, 400, for an S60, you should be ok.

$400 on an appropriately equipped S60 is perfectly reasonable and you know it. Stop with the trolling.


I would not be caught dead paying 400 on an S60. Please!! Stop the madness. We cannot recommend 450 S60s as good deals.

17.5% + lease cash / no loyalty on a T6 Mom rounds out to 364/month including NJ tax. First DAS (I can’t replicate this atm was a one off).

Please stop this BS dude, you’re making people have unreasonable expectations. Get a non stripper T6 for 2xx first DAS, and I’ll get a third car.

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Deals under $300 are extremely unlikely to happen (especially with inventory levels on the decline). Please do not encourage people to think that this is the norm.

@HersheySweet I couldn’t see that T6 Momentum deal getting replicated anytime soon (especially with July numbers).

I never said it was the norm. I just said I would not do one for over $300 nor consider it a good deal for the car.

Are we supposed to care about what you would or would not do? No one does, trust me.

I was responding to volvo1. Yes, I don’t care that you don’t care :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t be caught dead paying $400 for the previous model S60 either. The new one is a significantly better car.

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When you guys are talking $350 or 400, does that mean all in with 0 down? First month DAS? Something else?

Not much of a difference between $0 down and first month DAS. If you only pay the first month’s payment at signing, then there is nothing else being paid.