Check Deal 2020 CR-V EX

Currently looking at 2020 CR-V EX

MSRP: $30,180
Sale Price: $27,448
$500 loyalty Incentive
= $26,948

Numbers attached.

That’s pilot EXL money

My hunch is your deal is at a 7.4% pre-incentive discount. Double check my calculation. Also, can you clarify - in your region is the $500 loyalty cash as you indicate or is it the $500 lease cash? I am not sure if there is loyalty cash on the CR V this month. As always, go to edmunds to confirm incentives.

$30,180 MSRP
$27,448 Selling Price - PRE INCENTIVE (please confirm)
$ 2,732 Total Discount

$ 500 Honda-to-Dealer Incentive
$ 2,232 Dealer Discount
7.4% Pre-Incentive Discount

The best CR V pre-incentive discount I have seen recently (May) was posted by @Suresh_Batta at 11.1%. Go get as much as you can in this tight-inventory, dealer-friendly market. Good luck.