Cheapest V8, RWD, non-truck/SUV?

Might seem silly, but honestly all I want is a cheap American chucktoy to thrash around under a warranty. Lease/finance/cash OK. Seems like I’d have to grind with a bunch of dealers and brands, any tips or suggestions?

I’ve heard Challengers lease well but it doesn’t seem so these days. Same with F-Types. LC500’s seem less desired, but still aren’t as cheap as American V8s. Do I just need to wait out the pandemic craziness? Any obscure or close-enough vehicle I overlooked that may fit my desires?

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IIRC the Mustang is the best for value retention among pony cars so just buy a GT.

Finance vs cash depends on APR and rebates.

That Camaro deal looks hard to beat for a V8 if you like them. It was one of the most claustrophobic cars I’ve ever been in, otherwise I would love to have a 2015 Z28.

OP if you just want something fun the best value at the moment is a Camaro LT1 structured as 24 month one pay with loyalty/conquest. The 24 month mf match’s the 24 month one pay reduction.

Thanks for the tips guys. I’m new to leasing so no conquest/loyalty unfortunately, but I’ll check it out.

What kind of “one pay reduction” are we talking about? Any other info on the numbers for something like this? I’ll check edmunds for MF/residual

@ethanrs has some v8 Cameros, give him a shout, he’s in SoCal but got solid deals.

Last V8 lt1 he posted was

I’m fairly new to all of this, too, but depending on which brand you currently own and how long you’ve had your car, you might actually still quality for conquest/loyalty, if it’s available. Never hurts to ask.

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