Cheapest Over Mileage Fees

Hey everyone.

I’m sure there are many low mileage lessees but I’m sure there are just as many or more of us who are probably going to go over the 12k or 15k mileage allotment.

I wanted to see if we can identify together what are the over mileage fees per mile from the different banks/manufacturers. For example, I drive 18k a year but if I identify a bank/manufacturer that is about .10 over each mile or .15, I can then forecast how much it is going to cost me at the end of the lease in over mileage fees.

Does anyone have a master list by chance?


My BMW lease is .25/mile but only .16/mile if I pay for any miles before the last day of the lease.

My CU union charges by MSRP. Over 45k is 25 cents with as low as .15 i think for under 25k msrp cars.

It’s like planning your own funeral before getting behind the wheel. If you know you WILL get killed, why drive then? Don’t lease (or get higher max) if you know you may go over miles. Things change during lease length, of course. But then it’s too late to change allocation, unless you can “buy” overage at a later time.

You have to factor the costs of 18k miles per year, not just the 3k overage above 15k. What you ideally want:

Cheap base lease

  • Low MSRP and/or low MF (going from 10k to 15k is 3% of MSRP plus interest)
  • low cost of regular maintenance
  • low cost of wearable items (tires and brakes are biggest ticket)
  • warranty up to 54K+ miles.

Assuming you don’t want a Mitsu, the only choices are Infiniti, Kia and Hyundai AFAIK.