Cheapest lease on fun sporty car?

Manual and preferably RWD and convertible.

Stuff like MX-5, Fiat Spider, Mini S, GTI, etc.

I think Fiat Spider can be had for about $330 a month, no down, which is unfortunately best I found.

q50. 300HP add intake plus exhaust plus a tune you will be pushing 500 to the wheels.

Doesnt seem to come with manual.

Subaru BRZ. [20 chars]

BMW 228i manual trans

I have some cheap mini cooper s leases!!! check out the posts I have made.

How much could I get the 228 for?

Loberant, I found a demo car 5k miles 34k MSRP brought it down to 28k with the $1.5k cash incentive and have another 1k college/loyalty.

Goes down to $220-250 a month ,$600 down. I’ll see if I can get another 500-1000 off msrp