Cheapest lease deals in south?

Hi All,

Trying to help out a friend and haven’t been having luck, trying to do a cheap zero down lease for 10k per year. Tried civic, sonata, 17 Altima, and a few different Kias and cant get it under 200 a month. Any suggestions on cars to start to look at for sub 200 leases for January with zero money down in Florida? only requirement is no hub caps haha.


See what kind of deal you can get on Encore.

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But he is in Florida, isn’t he?

Yep but just wanted to help of a guide to work with.

let me know if you come across something really cheap, my friend is looking for a $150ish/mo car in FL as well. Manual Jetta S for$139. If you can negotiate the doc fee to $0 this might be a decent option