Cheapest Bolt/Tahoe on LeaseHackr?

I’ve seen it take about a month.

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ahh I see. Thank you

It took about 6 weeks for me.

A few random questions if you don’t mind…

How did the taxes, etc work out on the MSRP difference you had to cover? Would love to see the offer they presented.
Do you know how the early payoff was calculated? My payoff quote today seems a little high compared to the simple math of remaining lease payments + residual in the lease agreement (is a disposition fee charged?)
Is a dealer involved in an early buyout or was it only between you and GM financial?

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  1. GM covered taxes and DMV on the swap. In fact I got a check from the dealership for the extra DMV fees
  2. It was the residual on the lease
  3. A dealer is involved. You have to have a dealer agree to a swap.

Thanks - for the third part I’m wondering about the actual payoff transaction - I’ve heard reports of dealers (Nissan) trying to tack on markups, etc at buyout since they know people have a lot of equity built in these days. Do you handle the payoff only with GM financial or do they make you coordinate with a dealer for some reason?

It has to be with a Chevy dealer. The deal has to be at sticker. Dealer just does paperwork. GM financial does everything.

I think I remember this lol, hope it’s treating you well

really need a deal like yours ,Bolt EV soooooo awesome