Cheapest 1 payment lease?

I’m looking to add another vehicle to our stable but don’t want to make payments. One and done says the wife. Preference is a Crossover. Thoughts?

Do you have a current lease?

Look at the Chevy Trax, i got one for pretty cheap

not one that we want to turn in - it’d be a straight entry deal

You don’t have to turn it in - if you have an asian (non luxury) lease you can get that 3k rebate from Chevy.

last asian car we had was Infiniti 2 years ago… doubt that’d count

Nah it would have to be current.

Infiniti would have been outside of the rules anyway

yeah, that’s what I thought. We’re in MD so I have to pay 100% tax on the sale price so that sucks, but would be nice to get an equivalent of a $100/mo lease


Shoot @CDJRElliott a @ and see if he can work something… should you want to go down that CDJR route.

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Thanks Benedetto. Be happy to see what we can do if CDJR is a consideration

I’d consider it… depends on the deal :slight_smile: probably why I’m on here lol

Feel free to check out our inventory. If something piques your interest, please email me the Stock number and I will work the numbers for you.