Charger Hellcat WB spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

Christmas Gato then

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Send us a Dodge private offer

You mean buyout our orders? Theyll slap 2023 on them say special edition and not sell them to us.

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Is your car fully built yet?

I guess regardless, you still need personnel at the facility to load the car for

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Man I sure hope they keep some employees on to get things shipped.

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not yet, it should update tomorrow @Supakimchee started 1 day before me and his is built now

probably why they are working til the 26th they shipping them all out

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Does every $1000 bonus cash rebate coupon says excluding srt and hellcat?

Must be a new exclusion before it didn’t say that

Just saw on hellcat forum that brampton could be closed 9 weeks instead of 3 due to parts shortage. This according to guy that works there.

These folks still getting paid?

Idk how that works. Hope they do!

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9 weeks wtf

@zaimer going to punch air


I’ll believe it when it’s announced. I’d hate to say, but more times than not the guys on production floors don’t know the true picture.

I’ve already written this car off for being driven before winter. Idc when it comes in at this point, as it’s going straight to storage anyway. :joy:

Just got an email from Dodge… my kitty :black_cat: shipped!!! :blush:


I would hope so. The thing has been built for a damn

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Which thread?

California welcomes you
What’s a season???
Rain? Never heard of that
Snow? Never seen that

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Haha. I wouldn’t move to that sh*thole if if I were paid (no offense :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). We might have winters but we have sane people as well. :joy:

I love a lot of the CA land & cities but man, some of the ideas that come out of that state… :rofl::laughing: