Chargenow by BMW intro offer

So we just leased a 330e and found the Chargenow cards (that say Chargepoint on the back) and it looks like they have an introductory offer if you sign up before 12/31/18 for either A. $39 for free 2 hour sessions of Level 2 charging or, B. pay as you go with 20% off, but it looks like they’re only valid for EVGo stations, which there aren’t very many in San Diego compared to Chargepoint stations. Am I correct in saying that we’ll still have to pay the standard charges if we charge at Chargepoint and this offer is only good for EVGo? If we got free charging at Chargepoint stations it’d save us a bunch of money cause that’s whats at my wife’s job.

I had signed up to a similar offer in the past but could not use evgo even once. Not sure chargepoint RFID cards or app works in EVGO stations, I tried, it did not work and did not specify reason why. Evgo sucks compared to chargepoint and it did not get better a bit since they are merged. On the other hand, cp is great, they have plenty of stations and mostly works except a few hickups in the past five years. I noticed they are getting more crowded though.

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I think this offer only good for EVGo station. My i3 came with the Chargenow card, up there shows chargepoint but can only receive the free fast changing from EVGo station. just got 330e too, saw the same offer, but there’s hardly any EVGo Lv.2 station around me. most of the EVGo station around here in the Bay Area are DC Fast Charging. I wish they also partner with Chargepoint for the discount …

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Yeah, that’s kind of a bummer. $39 for unlimited at Chargepoint would have been killer cause they’re everywhere in SD. EVgo has only a handful of stations i think in the entire SD county which is pretty useless. Glad I checked before basically throwing $39 away.

ya i was about to enroll too, but after checking the stations around me… not worth it lol

The EVgo network in New Meteo area is pretty good. I have not charged my i3 in last 6 months at home. The only problem is there is a 30 min limit and than you have to restart the charging session which can be started right away.

The high speed EVgo gives around 50 KWH which charges up to 80% in 30-40 mins