Change of Address (Save of Sales Tax) after 1st month

Dealer told me that I can change address after 1st month to save sales tax… so…

  1. What address is he talking about? Lease Contract Address? My residence address?
  2. Can I change the address to a Friends’ address which has low/no sales tax rate?
  3. Can I change the address to ANY address which is safe and I am not associated with?
  4. Does this address need to match car’s registration?

happy hacking

Ask the dealer?

I believe there are scenarios where you could potential circumvent paying a good portion of sales tax based on the individual states tax law. For example, if you transfer a lease into NY state, you can avoid taxes since they collect taxes upfront:

I’m sure the registration/titling in the new state would cost at least $100-$200 plus you would have to deal with the hassle of going to the DMV and getting the title sent there by the leasing company, but could definitely save you some money on an expensive lease.

He is talking about your residence address basically (where car is garaged)

I got my lease when living in MA, where there is sales tax, moved to NH where there is none, so my monthly dropped (just changed address on Infiniti financial’s website I think).

I kept MA registration and just changed the garaged address to NH (I wasn’t in NH for a long time, just was too lazy to switch. Would have changed eventually. Moved to CA so it’s all a wash now).

I believe this kind of thing would get you in some trouble if found out you were doing it to intentionally avoid paying taxes. Not that the salesmen care, one of them said the same thing to me when I leased in MA because I still had a NH license, they asked if I had a family member’s address I could use. It’s not the salesman who would get in trouble though!

No, of course not.

If you are trying to find ways to commit tax fraud, this thread will be locked.

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That makes sense now. I have this question since I have residences in nearby states(CA and OR). Just trying to see how to save some money since I don’t even know where the car will be garaged next week.

No sales tax in Oregon and when I lived there the state never collected sales tax or shared with other DMVs. If you have a legit residence in Oregon buy it there and check to see how many miles you need to have in Calif before they stop collecting any tax on your sale