Challenger SXT $2000 Drive off, $205, good?

I first want to thank all of you, I learned a lot here.

MSRP: $28640
With Dealer Discount: $25754 (10% off)
Incentive: $3750
Sale Price: $22,053
down payment:$1000

RV: 15752 (55%)
Monthly: 191.78 + 13.90 Tax

the other $1000 drive off :
first month + 340 acquisition + 80 Document +… California fees

How did I do?
I think I got screwed on MF, on dodge site for the same car payment shows $22 less (is it national MF or regional?) but I miscalculated and asked for this numbers and that’s what I got!

one thing I read here was to bring a whiskey so I took with me a nice single malt scotch to give to them when we made a deal.
they were trying to screw me over Interest all night, with a 3rd party 10% financing after 2 hours back and forth and they not budging, I left and gave the internet manager the scotch he couln’t believe it!

they called me back after 3 min to come back and get the car with my price!

I must have missed this advice. Where did you read that? Haha. Glad it helped close your deal.

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That’s why none of us recommend negotiating in person.

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