Challenger rv/mf

Hi guys. Looking for the mf and RV for a couple different challengers

36 month 12000 mile lease

Scat pack
Scat pack shaker
Srt 392
And finally the T/A 392


Had one lined up for a scat pack and it sold an hour before I got our of work.

Really want to have a nice ride with a ton of power, the camaro leases like dog shit and I can’t see myself driving a ford.

I want to stay south of $425/month with less than 1000 out of.pocket.

Looking for MF/RV as well as any suggestions to how to handle this, should I wait till next month? I really want the ta 392 but I don’t think it will EVER meet the budget.

Open to other brands as well but I don’t see anything else with the muscle of the 6.4 meeting payments. Possobly the charger if anyone has input on the charger vs the challenger.

Thanks in advance!!

I went and looked at a challenger scat pack shaker yesterday. I was also trying to stay around 425. The dealer basically said they couldn’t get close because Chrysler capital had such poor MF. I stated US bank seemed to be more aggressive but he said they didn’t use them.

I ended up at the 445 mark is a loaded 52000 dollar shaker. They wrote me a check basically.

I would love to know more. Can you let me know the details?

They wouldn’t honor this deal again, it took me about 2 weeks of precise hit and run negotiations to get them here. They lost money, without a doubt. Almost feel bad cuz I liked my sales girl too… Whatevs I’ll post info when I get a chance after this weekend

I see. Very interesting.