Central Texas -->>> Lease your 4x4 Tundra for $319/month w/ $0 down Toyota Lease w/ *** Limited Tax Credits ***

Sorry I’m currently out of town so it took me a while to come back here, but the above comments are correct

Do u do out of state leases for louisiana

Sorry no out of state leases yet

Thanks Miguel, not only did he get me a great lease, but it was the most painless process ever. Sending everyone I know that is interested in a Toyota. Thanks again sir, much appreciated

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Your welcome my friend, it was my true pleasure.

Hey Miguel,

How much off MSRP on one of these TSS Tundra’s can you offer?


The best MSRP for this lease payment is about $50,100. The total discounts are just about $10,000 off (including rebates)

Sounds good. What bank is this through?

US Bank, you get tax credits and free gap insurance with them

Still good for today?

Still Good. Looking for anything in particular?

Not really, don’t care the color on the tundra. I will be out your way tomorrow evening or I could come tonight, near closing.

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Perfect! around what time tomorrow will it be better for you? Looks like today I’m going to stuck with 2 other customers

I should be over there around 5

Awesome, see you tomorrow. If you need anything in the meantime cal/txt me at (512) 888-1992

Hi Miguel could you tell us what the residual with US Bank is for March?

And you are sure GAP is included? I saw another thread where it wasn’t in Texas.

This deal will work on any truck under 51k right?

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I did this deal through another dealer in the DFW area, and GAP was not included for US Bank. I had to add it. Maybe he has it built in to his pricing already? My numbers with GAP are very close to the $324 he has here, so there’s a chance it’s built in.

Well the correct answer is that every US Bank lease comes with free GAP. US Bank pays for GAP not the dealer, not the customer. This month’s US Bank Residual got 1% better it’s now $39,658. Yes, the perfect MSRP is $50,200 but we know that every truck has a unique MSRP, but the closer we stick to that $50,200 mark in March the better payment we get.

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Not trying to be argumentative - but do you have anything you can reference that shows that US Bank covers GAP for all leases? Bc in my deal, it was asked specifically, and others have called and asked US Bank specifically and they said GAP was not included for TX. It seems like others have US Bank saying they wouldn’t come after the lessee for any gap amount if the vehicle was totaled as long as you had the proper insurance coverage (does that mean insurance needs to cover GAP as well?), so I’m not sure we have a clear answer.

I was going to try one of these US Bank deals in the DFW area. Even though they seem to get bad press on these forums.Some go well others don’t at the end.

Miguel I was quoted $433 this month to use TFS instead of US bank for this month, is that the same number you would get if I came down to your place? Just thinking TFS may be a better option to avoid
any possible lease end issues.


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