Central Texas -->>> April's Lease your 4x4 Tundra TSS Crew for $319/month w/ $0 down USB w/ *** Limited Tax Credits ***

Got Tax Credits with US BANK back on!!!, call me for a quote. This will only be good for the first $300,000 on loans.

Thank you Brad and Brittany for coming in from Temple to get an amazing deal on a Tundra 4x4 TSS. Enjoy your new truck!!!

Thank you Steven for coming in from San Antonio and trusting me to get you an amazing deal on your new 2020 Tundra Lease.

*** I’m out of Tax Credits thru US Bank for this month, I still have L&M credits thru Toyota tho***

Another happy couple, bought their 3rd car thru us. Congrats Carme and Robert. Thank you again. :point_up:t4::point_up:t4::point_up:t4:

Rutilo, thank you :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4: for your continuous trust in me. 2nd Lesae + 1 purchase in 3 years.

Thank you Barbara and Mario for trusting me with your 7th new car purchase/lease. This time was a lease on a Tundra and lowering your current payment.

Thank you Paul and Veronica for coming out last night and getting a great deal on that new 2020 Tundra :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:

***** We have a limited amount of TAX CREDITS this month, if you are interested please let’s move ASAP *****

Purchase or leasing, if you’re in Texas, I’m your guy

This is how we started the month, making people’s dreams come true

Thank you Fred and Janice from driving down from Houston to get a nice looking Tundra with Leather Seats

***** You know it’s a great deal when the same salesman puts himself on this lease. I’ll be posting my own picture soon. *****

Thank you Ray for contacting me and I hope you had a great experience with us:

Come experience the difference:

Some more happy customers:

*** Note: If you have a trade let’s be reasonable about it, we are a dealership and will never pay clean retail on trades, we can only do that if the deal is making lots of money and we can overallow on the trade. Now, since to put this lease together I’m doing about $10,000 off the price of the truck, I have no room to overallow in any trade. I’m all in about giving you 100% of what your car is worth as a trade, sorry we can’t deviate from that.

Thank you Kyle for coming out tonight after work from Forth Worth. I hope you truly had an exceptional experience.

I’ve been getting a lot of calls, most of people don’t think this deal is real, but if I can get a Finance Director from another dealership to lease a truck thru me; then I think this deal is pretty real.

Thank you to all the customers that took advantage of amazing deals these last few days of January


This lease deal is only valid at Toyota Cedar Park, TX. Ask for Miguel Vega to get an extra incentive!!

Please call me directly at (512) 888-1992

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 4x4 5.7L Tundra, TSS
MSRP: $ 50,094
Monthly Payment: $ 324
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 12,000
Residual: $40,080
Available Incentives: $4,000

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Glad to see a Texas Toyota dealer in the forums. Deal isn’t too bad considering its Texas, should get plenty of interest from people on the forums. That being said with a 10% discount deal should be under $320/month. Good luck and keep posting competitive deals, we welcome it.


Of course I’m open to improve this advertised deal and get well qualified customers the best deal possible.
I’ll keep on posting all the amazing lease deals that we have coming up.

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As the time you spend on these forums increases, you will notice the Dealers and Brokers on here that do the best attracting customers state their best current deal possible instead of having to “improve” on deals. Understandably factors change month by month, so yes pricing can get better or worst. Would also benefit you to say which finance bank this is through TFS, Ally, US bank…

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Do you have the updated deals for February yet?

Yes, I just updated my posting with the new Tundra deal. Let me know if you have further questions

Can you post the trim, options, colors, model and other pertinent information?

Also, are you only able to post 1 vehicle deal at a time? Thanks.

It’s a 2020 Tundra 4x4 SR5 CrewMax, with TSS Package

For some reason I can only do one post, but are you looking for anything in particular?

Hello, Miguel. Is TT&L included in the monthly payment of $324? Thanks!

Yes. Everything is included no other fees or money down needed. Only if credit is not Tier 1+, I won’t be able to get you this deal; or if you switch to a truck that the MSRP is much higher than on my calculations

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Thanks for the quick reply! I have a Ram lease that is ending in 3-4 months. How long is this current incentive lasting through?

And is there any balloon payment due at lease end?

There’s no balloon payment at all. Only 24 payments, first payment due at signing. No hidden fees.

Well, it’s hard to tell. This payment is a result of several factors: the great rebates going on Special Edition Tundras, the awesome M/F, and the high residual. It’s sad to say but there’s no guarantee that all these factors stay the same, even as early as next month.

I could work something out to were we add next 3 payments to the new lease deal.

Call me when you get a chance and we can evaluate your specific situation.

You can list multiple vehicles in the same post. You can see from other posts in Marketplace how dealers and brokers write these up.

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First time post here, glad I found this site. I grabbed this deal last night with Miguel and everything went off without a hitch. Miguel provided all the details on pricing before I made the 3 hour drive, and nothing was deviated from when I went through the process. Overall, it was as painless as buying/leasing a car can be.


Thank you Kyle, we appretiate your bussiness!! And please tell all your co-workers this is real, maybe I can get more trucks out on the Dallas-FW area.


Hi Miguel, what are Tundra Limiteds called in TX? Is there something very close in options? I’m mainly looking for:
Color matching bumpers, grille inserts, etc
Retractable rear window
Rear view camera
Larger fuel tank
Thanks! :facepunch:

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The model I got from Miguel is the TSS version with the leather package. It has the larger fuel tank, roll down rear window, leather, back up camera, crew max, and 4X4. Although, appearance wise it might be different than what you’re looking for.

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In Texas, Tundra Limiteds are called Tundra Limiteds… The deal that’s being offered here is a Tundra in the SR5 trim level. It includes a TSS appearance package.

-20" Milled Matte Black Wheels and All-Terrain Tire Upgrade (replaces factory wheels and tires)
-5" Black Oval Step Tube
-Black Exhaust Tip
-All-weather floor liners
-TSS Off-Road Bed Decal
-Matte Black badge overlays


Thanks guys. I had read a post from a Toyota thread recently which stayed in the South the Limited was not trim available so that’s why I had asked for an equivalent trim name.