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Hello All!
My name is Cole Bergman, a German car enthusiast, and salesman for nearly 5 years! I started with Mercedes, went to BMW, and now I am back to Mercedes. (Nothing against the Bavarian’s - just a new opportunity :stuck_out_tongue:) I am very excited to connect with many of you on this platform to provide you the best deals possible on your future Mercedes-Benz.

Car shopping can be hard, especially luxury car shopping, but I am here to help make it much easier! I am based out of Westminster, CO, but have the capability to make deals with anyone in the US, including the shipping. Even if you aren’t in my region, please reach out to me so I can see what I can do for you!

Either of the contact points above are the best way to chat with me, so let’s get started, and happy shopping!

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Welcome to the forum! Best bet to start out is to post some deals to let users know what you have to offer.


Forming them as you posted this… good timing!

Hi, Currently looking for a lease deal on a 2020 glc 300.

Prefer the light color interior, exterior color isn’t as important.

I’m ok, with 2021, but I know the lease cash and incentives are better on the 2020’s. For 2020, I’ve got penfed fleet cash of 1750-2750 depending upon C glass model. For 2021, there’s only $500 penfed cash.

7500 miles per year (or 5,000 if you offer that).Months of lease don’t matter (which ever works out to the highest residual).

Demo is ok, but must be leaseable.

Must have backup camera and lane assist.

A few other lease terms: no money down (first pmt is fine), all other fees need to wrapped into lease. Also, can do up to 10 MSD. Trying to keep my lease payment at or under $400. Can also do do a gle or gls (but those deals would have to be ridulously priced to make them work) :slight_smile:

I currently have a 2017 e300 (with 13K miles on it) lease return that needs to be returned by end of April. I’m in Denver, please let me know if you have anything.


I did not purchase a car through Cole, but he is absolutely amazing. Did his best to help me locate just the right car for us. I highly recommend reaching out.

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