Cathy Woods Auto Industry Prediction

Interesting thought … and she tends to be right

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They won’t be without the subsidies.


Unless it’s a classic, supercar, or specialty car of some sort, all ICE vehicles are going to zero within 15 years. Maybe sooner. In the US/Canada, Europe, and highly-developed Asia, that is.

Yes, but not within 2-3 years.
“By the time autos recover strongly”

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I don’t know that I’d say that. her fund has had some good years, not so much this one

She also called Bitcoin $500k, so why not line up behind that call?

On the specific call

I think you’re right, but that timeframe is wayyy too soon (source: I survived cash for clunkers and nada has changed).


Absolutely no way they get the infrastructure in place in that kind of timeframe for sure. I don’t live remotely rural, suburbs in the northeast, and there’s literally 2 public places that have charging stations within at least a 10 mile radius of me.

I’d be interested to know what her timeline of ‘recover strongly’ is though.


The like for like is doing a lot of the work in that statement. I mean the only vehicle with a Tesla like self driving system is the CT4 which is comparable price wise.

While I agree there is still a need for a lot more public charging points, keep in mind that every single house in your entire area is a charging station too.


In northern California, whenever there is rain, high wind, high temperatures, or a fire (no matter how far away), the power gets shut off to hundreds of thousands of customers. It is near an almost weekly occurrence now (it once was not like this). I am not sure how we move to the majority driving electric vehicles until our power grids can handle the essential tasks of household power and gas consumption. The push is so strong, yet it appears this colossal problem is an afterthought. Fix the grids here and then push for change on the massive scale that is already in effect. I would love to make the switch.


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California is one event away from not having enough drinking water for 3/4’s of the state. To pay that high of housing cost and taxes, with the electricity issues, homelessness and mandates…I can’t imagine anyone who can get out staying.

I personally think electric vehicles are a fad. They are not the future at least not here in the Northeast. Battery technology will have to improve drastically for them too be widely accepted across certain industry’s. Cathy Wood is a walking Ponzi scheme, 2-3 years is just long enough to over inflate the stocks she owns so she can get out.


Cathy Wood is the Louis Navallier/Henry Wick of this era. These guys were two market geniuses in the late 90s. Their funds eventually went down 80%+.

Go-go, momentum investors. It’s what’s working.

One day there will be a reckoning. But the market may triple by then!


Counter point:

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Counter point: Lived here 25+ years and work in tech. Love it here - never leaving.


don’t you live in like buffalo??? and by choice??


Counter-counter point: Lived in CA for 30 years and work in defense. Getting out of CA was the best thing I’ve ever done


Power to ya! I just don’t know why everyone likes to think CA is some dystopian hellscape. Yes - it’s expensive but I can get to snow, mountains, hiking, and the ocean/beach within a 3 hour drive. Yes, there are pockets of homelessness but it’s not a statewide thing.

Every state has it’s problems but I can’t think of a state that has more pros and less cons than CA. And yes, I was a consultant who racked up almost 400,000 miles in domestic travel last decade so I’ve been to a lot of states and cities.


You are now Florida man with a jeep (on order).

Blonde streaks and board shorts when? /s


Frosted tips or full Guy Fieri?


I may have sported that look briefly in the late 90s… when I was in CA.