Carvana wants me to sign new contract 6 months later

So I bought my original car from Carvana and financed with bridgecrest through them , a year later decided to trade it in with Carvana which was November of 2020 great got my new car. So since November till current I still haven’t received my registration or tittle in the mail ( In ny you receive the tittle in your name with a lien attached ). So it’s been about 6 months now without receiving any plates or anything. In March Carvana stated that there was a name issue ( my middle names weren’t on the contract ) and they had to make a new contract and have me sign it for them to get the car registered. They stated if I don’t sign this new contract they would repossess the car and I would still be liable for the remainder of the loan. However according to bridgecrest they stated Carvana had backed out of the deal sometime in April of this year. At this point I rather unwind the deal and stop dealing with the headaches of Carvana. I’m not sure what my options are here.

UPDATE : So called Carvana Today and apparently they are looking into it. What the options are about returning the car and unwinding the deal since all the time has passed with no registration or tittle in the mail. They have also received a phone call from Bridgecrest the finance company in regards to the situation.

Sounds more like you got 6 months of free rent a car.


What does the contract that you signed with carvana say regarding handling errors in the paperwork?

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Think so ? Idk how to proceed

I’m sure there’s somewhere in there that’s says I would comply with helping them fix their errors but I’m sure there’s a state law that requires this to be done in a certain time .

Before this thread turns into another battle of greatest legal minds, may I suggest you go here: New York City Bar Legal Referral Service | Lawyers in New York and find out what recourse you have. No one on this site is going to give you legal advice.


It’s probably worth verifying what it actually says.

Oohhhhh yes they will!! LOL.
I think you meant to say no one will give SOUND legal advice. :wink:


I would tell Carvanna that you would be happy to sign their paperwork provided all the payments and costs to you are the same as the original contract you signed. Without that tell em’ you’d want to unwind the deal.

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I’d be much more worried about a repo on my credit report than I would be about about playing hardball to get a deal unwound on a car probably worth more now than it was 6 months ago…

IMO Carvana is the one holding all of the cards here. This isn’t a lease, it’s a purchase. I don’t know what was signed but I’m betting that it’s OP’s responsibility to pay Carvana for the vehicle which he/she currently possesses. Carvana holds the title. OP has nothing but a vehicle in his driveway that doesn’t belong to him.

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If they backed out of the deal, wouldn’t your credit show as account closed? I would ask the bank also what they are reporting. Like others said, you might have been using car for free for 6 months

The whole account was actually just removed from my credit report as if it never existed.

Haven’t heard back from any of the lawyers they recommended.

Hmmm, I think you should just give the car back. If it is closed already, I doubt Carvana can force the bank to re-open it.

I am not a lawyer. lol

That’s what I’m trying to do this whole thing has been a headache

Failure to register the car is a clear breach of contract and for some odd reason I’m guessing cause since they were making the new contract they haven’t allowed me to pay since February .

This is so bizarre. So Carvana really doesn’t seem to care if you pay them for the car you bought and you’re sure that the Bridgecrest account is totally removed and not just listed as closed?

The account is removed checked all 3 credit sights. I had posted this originally because I couldn’t find another situation similar to this at all. At the end of the day if they can legally list it as a repo than I’ll happily sign the next contract. However I really shouldn’t have to wait for such an extended amount of time to get my registration and tittle. Not to mention they have failed to give me my fourth temp tag since March

I’m in the same situation. What’s the latest? I’ve hired counsel who has explicitly stated they are in breach of their own contract.

I’m curious about this, as well. I’ve had my car since February. It took 5 weeks to deliver and it’s been nothing but problems with Carvana. I still have no registration or plates and my dashboard on their site has shown up blank since day 1. It’s like I never bought a car. They say they are rewriting my contracts, whatever that means.
I’m glad I copied all of my packet documents because they’ve asked me to upload three of them even though I sent it all in together.

On top of all of the administrative stuff, the car that passed their “super” inspection has already cost me $500 in repairs to the key system and some alignment issues.
It was also disgusting when it arrived with stains and dried candy in the back seat, dog hair everywhere. They didn’t even attempt to clean it. And it smelled awful. That was another $250 for detailing.

I’m beyond frustrated and have given up at this point. What kind of attorney would I contact about this? Not a single part of this process has been seamless or even easy.
I saved a few thousand buying through them - not worth the hassle! How is this company this bad??

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