Carvana Lease Buyout - JLR Chase

Hopefully an easy question…

There is a clause in our JLR Chase lease contract regarding early termination and related fees. We reside in California.

We are selling our vehicle to Carvana 6 months prior to lease termination — have approximately 8k in equity. The deal has been approved/accepted by Carvana. Since Carvana will be paying off the balance of the lease including the RV, this transaction does not fall under an early termination — meaning we will not owe any fees/charges, correct?

I can call the bank of course, but thought someone on here might know.

Thank you.

Did carvana get the buy out amount from you or from chase?

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No additional fees beyond payout

From Chase

Then you should be good to go with no additional charges.

I thought chase did not allow JLR lease transfer? did something changed?

He is trying to sell it.

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