Cars You Have on Order?

I am sure I am not the only hackr here planning ahead and casting a wide net by placing orders/getting on waitlists for a number of high demand cars that can be enjoyed and/or flipped. I will start with my list:

  1. Lucid Air Pure - locked in the original $77k price, really hoping they will have a trade-in option for sales tax purposes when the car arrives in the next year or two
  2. G87 M2 - first on my dealer’s waitlist at msrp, first batch of cars should be delivered around March
  3. x5 45e - will be my 5th one since Nov 2020
  4. EV6 - will be my second one this year
  5. GR Corolla - on several dealer waitlists throughout Colorado but this will be tricky to get at launch in late Fall for msrp
  6. Golf R - on waitlists at several dealers but no new allocations for the foreseeable future
  7. IS500 - MY22 production run finished with very limited volume, no news of MY23 yet but I am at the top of two dealers’ lists at msrp

Only a fisker ocean and fisker pear at the moment.


Lightning and 2 Pears in the pipeline-dream, but would also love a 4xE Gladiator.

Right now:
-Grand cherokee 4xe
-Grand cherokee 4xe TrailHawk
-23 Rubicon 4xe
-Lucid Air Pure
-Silverado EV
-GMC Hummer EV SUV
-Canoo Pickup

Mustang Mach e select rwd and lucid air pure

Considering hummer ev suv, Cadillac lyriq and ct5-v blackwing

I feel inadequate.


Salesperson never called me back about a Lightning order. Said he would when orders reopened. Guess that hasn’t happened or he forgot about me.


Got an email from my dealer titled ‘Order Now!’…excitedly opened it…no Lightening, just a July 4th sales event. Crushed, but only for a few moments.

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Just picked hyundai palisade which was on order for 2 months
rest are:
Jeep Wrangler HA ( ordered Jan 22)
Fiskar Ocean
Fiskar Pear

Mach E
Fisker One
Fisker Pear
BMW i4

22 Rubi 4xe

Mach e and Lucid

Are these for flip or to keep?

Got A 2023 M340i under MSRP, gonna turn it into my financed daily for the next couple of years as I focus on my career, and I know it’s gonna be a whileeeeee till I’m back into flipping leases yearly

Cars Friends & Family Have On Order/Actively Looking For:

  • Ford Maverick (Friend Got Tired Of Waiting, Got A Tacoma TRD, Being Flipped ASAP)

  • GR Corolla (Friend Has a 6SPD Corolla Hatch Being Traded In, If Plans Go Well, We’ll Flip The GR After A Year And Get Him Into A M240i or M2

  • 2023 Manual Toyota Supra (Friend Put A Deposit Down On A Dealer, 1 Year Wait, Trying To Find Him A In-Ground AUTOMATIC Unit While We Wait)

  • I’m Thinking Of Putting A Deposit Down On A FaceLift GLC 300 PHEV To Replace My 2020

  • Lastly, I Got Offered A 2023 C43 in Designo Cardinal Red With A December Delivery (Declined Due To Over MSRP, Could 100% Get One At MSRP If I Look) Hoping I Don’t Regret It Over The M340i, Worse Case I Take It And Flip.

Actively Looking For Maserati Glencale Deals…

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The couple of orders I have are with the intent to keep for a period of time. I tend to look more for something that I think I can minimize my total cost of ownership on, so good flipability factors in to what I order, but it isn’t my main motivator. It’s more of a “hey, this looks like something interesting I could drive for a while and not be out a lot of money to do so”.


Flip if profit is worth it but happy to drive if flipping is not an option. That’s why I always pick cars that I would be happy to “stuck with”. Just to add to my original post:

  • I am kicking myself for missing out the original Rivian pricing and not ordering a MT G80 M3 about a year ago at a modest discount (MY23 has $3k msrp increase with a year-long wait) when I had the chance

  • Surprised to see all the Fisker reservations, will look into Pear now

  • Also surprised to see no Rav4 Prime being mentioned yet

  • 330e is still in the mix for me, might recycle a few more of them before BMW runs out of tax credit


Are you in a no tax state? If not, how are you profiting from the X5 45e/330e?

Lucid air
Charger hc widebody
X5 Xdrive 45e

I trade the 45e and 330e to the dealer where I am picking up the new car, my trade-in value is taken out from the sales tax I am to pay on the new car. $2500 state tax credit helps the flip too…

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I have a Cybertruck reserved as well as the Chevy Avalanche/Silverado EV. I just reserved a Fisker Ocean and Pear after seeing how many people here have one reserved.

Is the Pacifica you reserved, the PHEV?