Cars we lost in 2022… any you’ll miss? (NYE memoriam)

There’s actually a lot of 2022s I’ll miss though very few I’d actually consider so I guess I’m part of the problem.

The Q60 I’ve liked since it was called G35 Coupe, but lost interest when it lost the manual. The NSX, I never really got into the current gen, also no manual.

I do think the Passat was a lot of car for the money, figuratively and literally.

the gt500 (itll be back for 2025)

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Lamborghini Aventador.

It was just big that’s literally all it had going for it.

VWs in general are never really all that well equipped even in the top trim. They leave that space for Audi.

GT4. I was really hoping to order one for myself but no more allocations and production ends in June.


I already miss the idea of getting another 7 Series.

The 2023s are strictly from hunger.

Is this the same case for GTS 4.0? :frowning_face:

Hyundai Ioniq hybrid was a neat little car for the price. I’ve been looking into a slightly used one to replace my wife’s old Sonata. I’m not ready to go all electric with the new Ioniq line, since charging isn’t easy to find where I live.

Not yet. Probably very low production for 2023 calander year.

The last of Claritys were sold in 22 though MY21. Great cars for daily driver.

Damn. How about the Spyder?

All GT4, GT3, and Spyder allocations have been given for the calendar year and none will be produced after this year. So if you don’t have an allocation already, it is game over.