CARQ Brokering, [NY, NJ, PA, CT, VA, MD, DE + Nationwide Shipping (all but MA)]

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Got it through Quentin

49.2xx k
39months/ 10k miles
$506 per month sign and drive
Paid dmv of $315 out of pocket
Car is ti sport awd
Vesuvio grey, red leather seats
Tried hard on my own prior to quentin
And the best local deal i got was 619 sign and drive, but also got in the low six,s plus $3000 down by 4 dealers. The guy in erie ,pa claims to be the cheapest, and while he was upfront and he gave me a good price,quentin beat it and got me the red seats, which in my opinion make the car. Quentin called 8 am told me he had a deal and by 2pm i had car including, plates and insurance. His service is well worth the price, actually its a no brainer hiring this guy.

Just to let everyone know, I’m on vacation until the 10th, so I apologize if my response is slow

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Shout out to Quentin for getting me an amazing deal on a Subaru Ascent. The Ascent was not leasing well at all due to how new it was and all the hype around it. After going through about 9 dealerships and all them were giving me some crazy numbers I decided to give Quentin a try. I am pretty sure I was being super annoying with all my questions and haggling but Quentin respectful and responsive. I would haggle and ask Quentin if im being unrealistic and his response was " does not hurt to ask" and I loved that, and it worked in the end. After getting numbers like 549, 569, 519, 499 a month from other dealerships Quentin was able to get me 460 a month with also the least money due at signing. I will definitely recommend him to friends and family and would use him again. Thanx again Quentin. I dont have all the numbers but this was for a
Subaru Ascent Limited w Moonroof & Harmon Kardon Audio System.
43100 MSRP
MF 0.00170
RV 64%
DAS = First month/DMV/Taxes/DealerFees


Just an FYI, I’m going to have limited availability for the next couple weeks.

Got a CX-9 Touring through @nyclife last week. He’s great to work with and super efficient - I took delivery the day after I connected with him. He also seems to get deals that nobody can touch.

I hired Quentin to help find my parents a new BMW as a thank you for dragging my dad around to find me a car a few months ago and it was definitely worth it. They were on their second rx350 lease which they never really liked after coming from bmws. They were probably going to end up with another because the dealer would just tell them he would get them in a new one for same payment and nothing down and would go to their house to switch cars so it was convenient. They were originally looking at the 540 and x5 with very specific options and Quentin found almost the exact cars within minutes while on the phone with him. He then brought up that the x6 had some good incentives so even though it cost more the lease would be very close so they ended up doing a custom build x6 to get their specific options and still had an awesome discount. Quentin answered the phone every time I called with questions and made sure to get every incentive available. They just got back from the performance center delivery and had a blast. They hate car shopping but they got a great deal on a car they love without stepping foot in a dealership and can’t stop talking about the performance delivery. I highly recommend his service and will definitely be using him when my current lease is up. Thanks again Quentin

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idk, about others he didnt even reply me,idk, what people are talking about his excellent service.but i think he gets lot of business from this forum, and by the way his fees jumped from 250 to 400,Good luck ,I wish you all the best

I’ve been going through a massive move, which is why I wrote that I will have limited availability. If you’d like to resend your email I’ll look out for it.

PS. My fee in this thread has alway been 400, it went up in October of last year.


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Don’t post your questions here, contact him directly! This thread is for reviews only.

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I wanted to add to the @nyclife “fan club” – had a wonderful experience working with Quentin over the past few months to buy an X5. He was patient, highly informative, and most importantly a pleasant gentleman to interact with. There is no doubt that I will reach out to Quentin when I am ready for my next vehicle.

Here is our X5: Trophy Garage [ Photos ]

Keep up the good work my friend!

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I have been on the road most of the summer, and my lease was up this week. (Volvo refused to extend it beyond the one 3 month extension they gave me).
So my ability to shop around or negotiate on my own was basically nil, even if I had felt capable or inclined to.

I contaced Quentin via email, and he came up with the S60 Inscription Platinum (with two colour choices, as it turned out!) in a few days, at a great price (with about 18% off the sticker price).

But most important, he made the entire process easy for me to do from the road.

I picked up the car yesterday (and that too was easy and smooth, and exactly as promised) and I can’t thank him enough.

I can’t recommend him more highly.

Thanks Quentin!


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Quentin helped to get me a 330 xdrive loaner. MSRP was 46xxx and I really wasn’t very picky, but it was 225 (including Taxes) for 15,000 miles a year.
Drive offs were due at signing. I did not do MSDs partly because the finance person didn’t have them set up into the deal, and I knew she wanted to leave and the deal was cheap enough. If I did do MSDs I think it would have been around 200 a month On a 46,xxx vehicle for 15,000 miles a year. So he is great at what he does, and was very pleasant and easy to deal with.


Didn’t end up leasing with Quintin but can absolutely attest to his knowledge and willingness to help. Solid dude, don’t hesitate to hire him.

Same for me. Privately messaged him. Initially responded quickly with short replies. Then just stopped responding. Not sure why. I tried following up multiple times in the private message thread since I was interested in the lease, but didn’t even have the courtesy to respond.