🌟 CARMA May CDJR:LH #1In Stock Units | 14% OFF all 4XE Models | 2024 Jeep GC 4XE 244$ Month

Second time I’ve scheduled a call and didn’t get a call. :expressionless:

Please review our post above we posted last week. We are not taking any new inquiries for jeeps for the rest of the month. If you inquired prior to our post please DM us.

Not to poke the bear, but your exact words were “we are closing all new Jeep inquires for the next 1-2 days in order to catch up” not till the end of the month. :slight_smile:

Ty. We should’ve worded better. But for now, due to tremendous amount of inquiries, we closed off inquiries for the remaining month. They will be back open for June.

I want to sign today for a 4xE GC can someone help out ?

@Carma Are there any lease deals on the dodge hornet RT or RT plus?

Hey @Carma, can you please reply to my request about Acura Integra?

Hi - wondering if the Jeep Wrangler 4xe deals are the same for June as for May? Scheduled a call but never received one. Same as others, got an automated text and that was it.

Hi there - sent a text and responded a few days ago. Haven’t heard from anyone.

Please let me know!

Hello, no they are not. They will be updated in the next day or so, Thank you!

Hello! Please PM us. Once we update the new deals, we will get back to everyone. Thank you!

Hi, any updates? I have not heard anything from anyone on any available Wranglers? Thanks

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June deals?