🌟 CARMA May CDJR:LH #1In Stock Units | 14% OFF all 4XE Models | 2024 Jeep GC 4XE 244$ Month

I PM’d a few days ago

Just PMd you back.

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Can you ship to Michigan if i cover shipping fees? Thanks!

Hi There - I haven’t heard from anyone despite reaching out a few times.

Hello, we have just texted you back.

Submitted an inquiry the second time regarding a ram 1500. Please get back to me. Also responded via text . Thanks !

Reached out and heard from John, have not heard back yet. Also scheduled a call but never got a call.

Please PM us.

Just messaged you!

Inquired and followed up via text re GC 4xe. Please lmk if you’re open for business. FK

Inquired last week and PM’d. Hope to hear back…

Hi - inquired twice about Jeep GCs and haven’t heard back. Can someone please get in touch? Thanks

I also inquired and responded to the text message

Due to a tremendous amount of inquiries, we are closing all new Jeep inquires for the next 1-2 days in order to catch up to all customers who have inquired prior to this post.


I’m also still waiting on a response for an inquiry from a few weeks ago

Please PM us

Considering it seems you are the only person who is pushing CDJR’s in this area, might be time to hire some help. Shoot me a PM if i can be of assistance