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Hi everyone,

Call me M if you like!

After years of helping friends and families buy their cars, I decided to turn this interest into a business to help more people! I will bring more good deals as well as help you find what you like!

Also I am proudly to provide bilingual service for both English & Mandarin(普通话) customers.

Best way to reach me is though forum PM, but WeChat & Email work as well!

Thank you,

WeChat(微信): CarLeaseNY


Reviews only. Take commentary/questions to PM.

I highly recommend M . He was great to work with and I was able to get an amazing deal on a nicely loaded brand new 540 . Communication was quick and efficient with all my questions easily answered. The dealership was also a breeze to deal with. They even drove the car to me to sign all the papers. They showed up my house i signed the papers and had my car in less then 15 minutes. All together i spent less then 45 minutes working on this deal in its entirety from inquiry to M to delivery of the car.

Thanks again for helping me find such a great deal.

Thanks for your kind word. Enjoy your new ride, sir!

Huge thanks to M for helping me find this incredible X3 M40i for a great price! He made the process incredibly easy. The dealer he connected is nice and very responsive. Although driving to the dealer for picking up the vehicle took couple of hours, but it’s totally worth it.
Highly recommend M if you are looking for a nice deal, especially he can provide bilingual service of English and Mandarin. He will make sure you not only get a nice deal, but also the best service.

Thanks Richard! Very nice car. I’m glad you like it!

Reviews only. Take questions to pm

Great job, M. We got a 530i and a 330i. The process is very straightforward. The dealership M recommended is very professional and efficient too.
Highly recommend. A+++++

Thanks for the kind words, Alex. Hope you like the car!

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