Careful- Audi Financial- different buyout at Dealer than Private Party

What did you end up doing with your S5? I am trying to decide what to do with my S4 which is due back in just over 3 months?

I’m in a similar position, except I’m waiting until my order to come in in January. The only way to do it is to go through an Audi dealer.

I went through AutoNation who has Audi dealerships in their network. The dealership processed the payoff which was the same amount as my payoff less taxes.

Did Autonation give you an amount similar to Carvana or whomever else you were considering?

The autonation dealership is where I purchased my s4 from. The problem is that when I went to get a new car for my wife a few months ago, I had two negative experiences with two different autonation dealerships that made me ensure I won’t deal with them again.

what did you order?

Their price was actually the highest out of Carvana/Vroom/ALgo/Carmax but not by much. Maybe a $50-100 difference across the board. I had to take it to a local AN Jaguar/Land Rover dealership for some pictures and everything was settled on the spot.

thanks, that helps. Did you sell it off or was the buyout part of a new vehicle purchase?

I sold it outright. Was tempted by a Sonoma Green RS5 coupe but ignored my impulses for once.

S5 cabriolet in Audi Exclusive Cumulus Blue

From what I’ve read and heard from audi dealers, their buyout should be the same as the lessee, less taxes. I believe the same for VW dealers.

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I’m trying to do the same thing with an AutoNation dealer in Denver and VW Finance is giving them a non VW dealer payoff.

Is it a VW dealership? The guy I dealt with at AutoNation was a regional manager covering multiple branded dealerships. Audi happened to be in his region and that’s the dealer who processed the payoff.

Audi FS is an absolute joke and really soured me on ever buying another Audi. Until recently
I had 2 Audi’s (19 SQ5 and 17 TT) and the buy out process and how insanely archaic their phone system is really made me want to buy elsewhere (ended up with an X5). Best of luck on their totally backwards anti customer buy out!

Do we know for sure whether payoff quote for Audi dealer is same as ours?

Only if your pay off happens to be market rate

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Ok. From reading up on other threads what I understood is market rate is only for 3rd party (vroom, carmax etc) and not Audi dealers. Is that not the case?

Sorry, misread your question

This sounds really obnoxious. Was thinking about seeing if I could get some cash for my nearly new Q5 but doesn’t seem worth the hassle