Careful- Audi Financial- different buyout at Dealer than Private Party

It’s weird because I traded in an Audi leased car for a new Porsche in October and actually got money ($1200) back from the dealer? I’m assuming that Audi shows taxes (in my case I think it was $2200) on the buyout to the customer but it’s not actually charged so it ended up being less even if they added $1000 as it was a “third party” dealer.

For everyone who is upset, haul out your lease agreement (which you signed) and post the section that requires the owner of the Audi that you are/were driving to sell it to any unnamed third party at the same price they’d sell it to you.

You can hope and wish that the lessor gives you a pony after the 11th payment, but that won’t produce the desired results either.

I honestly don’t understand where expectations come from sometimes.


Is this unique to AFS or do other manufacturers deploy similar language in their contracts?

More banks seem to be doing this.

Yes, I am in the same boat just about now. My payoff for A4 is 24150. Carmax payoff is 29010. Thanks Audi Finance to make it more complicated than it should.

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I’m also in the same boat, I sent the check to Audi, waiting for the title now. Hopefully, they don’t take 15 business days, I even sent them a check for $15 to Fedex the tittle, so I can reach out to Vroom. I’m In MD.

if you live in CA contact me and i’ll buy your car . you don’t have to pay it off


AFS quoted Vroom a payoff $8,600 (~27%) over mine for a 2018 S4.

Ugh this is ridiculous. I was going to sell mine in June since Carvana and Vroom offers are too good to miss out on. This is ridiculous now, so basically I’ll have to pay sales tax on the buyout just to get the title and then in turn sell it to Vroom or something.

Anyone know if there is some kind of grace period if you sell the car within X days of the buyout? State is NJ if anyone knows.

Correct… You’ll have to buy it out and pay sales tax if you want the below market value price your contract entitles you to, otherwise they can sell their asset to a 3rd party for whatever price they want.

No sales tax loophole in NJ

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Ugh… this is ridiculous. Thank you for responding, I absolutely appreciate it. So… question… I’m in the process of moving to FL. What about FL? Would you recommend switch the plates to FL? Would I have to pay sales tax in FL if I were to buy out from Audi only to turn around and sell it?

The only state that I know of that has a sales tax exemption for buying out and reselling is CA

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Damn it! Lol. Thank you. That helps.

That would be even more difficult as FL law requires you to go through a dealer to buy out your leased car AFAIK. And the dealer fees are insane.

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Just to expand in case someone comes across this in the future, one must go through a dealer if the bank doesn’t have a physical location in state and a dealer’s license. Some do. Audi does require going through a dealer though.


So you recommend buying it out while I’m in NJ right? Does this mean just a quick phone call, send a check and get the title in the mail?

Also… I presume all this needs to be don’t while license and plates still say NJ yes?

In NJ, if you trade the vehicle in towards, the purchase or lease of a new vehicle, you will realize a sales tax benefit. If you have the ability to work with a wholesaler, these transactions do not need to occur on the same day, but this significantly reduces your purchase options.

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Sure, but you may end up giving up thousands in equity to save hundreds in tax

My friend just came across this with his end of lease A4. Absolutely crazy! Are there any non-VW/Audi manufacturers/finance companies that do this? Suddenly concerned about my C300.

Yes, many charge market rate and some don’t allow 3rd party buy outs at all.

All of them allow you to buy out the lease at your buy out price, as dictated in the contract though.

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