Car Trade in to dealer

Hi again! I have a quick question regarding trading in a car. As I look into jumping on one of the Chevy deals this month, I was wondering how I would make trading my wife’s current work best for me. I know it is not recommended at all to ever trade in a car. However, I purchased the car pretty cheap and the trade in value right now is actually close to what I paid 2 years ago. If I get into one of these sub 100 chevy leases, I would love it if I could just roll everything into the lease and have the dealer cut me a check for the trade. Is this even possible? I have had it suggested to me before, but I have never seen it actually happen.

How common is it for a dealer to cut you a check on a trade in and how do you avoid the weird looks when you ask for it?

Why not just sell the car? Go on craigslist or some other service and see if you can get more for it. Dealers and carmax seem to lowball people like crazy. It avoids the hassle of selling privately, but you could potentially get thousands more if you just put in the effort.

No big deal for the dealer to just cut you a check. Put up the year, make, model, trim, and miles and I’ll let you know about what MMR (auction values) on your car is.

I’ve sold s couple cars on crsigslist and tend to get low balled so much it’s tiring. The car has a low trade in of 4000 according to the Chevy website. I paid less than that so I am somewhat lenient in what I get for it.

Dealer cut me a check for a paid off vehicle and cut me a check for the difference of trade in value vs loan balance. They would rather cut you a check than buy from auction and have to transport them in.

I’m guessing they cut a check for a car they could sell on the lot. This car is a 2008 so chances are they would send it to the auction themselves haha.

It’s a 2008 Passat Wagon VR6 4Motion. The mileage is kind of high at 146000 but it had a new longblock at 85000 miles from VW with documentation. I know that doesn’t matter at auction though.

Put that up on VWVortex right now

Haha yea its a pretty rare model. Only issue it has is a couple of the outrageously expensive Dynaudio speakers are blown.