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Looking for recommendation for transport for a 2024 BMW 540i from MD to MA. The car is still at port and i assume it won’t arrive until next month.

I did see a post almost a year ago about $300 option, but is that still the case? I’m open to other reputable ones too.

I would’ve flown to MD and drive back instead, but our newborn is preventing me to do this lol.

I use them all the time and still $300 for the trip. Shoot me a PM with your email and I’ll intro.


+1 for @harrydogyo shipper. I shipped a 392 and a Sequoia with them. Both arrived a couple days later than what was discussed, but for the short $$$ I was ok with it.

Both vehicles arrived PERFECT. Will definitely use them again


I ended up using Chris and highly recommend. Communicated professionally and promptly throughout the whole process and sent detailed report with pictures after pickup from the dealer. The drop off was quick too as well as the price.

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Im looking for a car ship form NJ to Ohio. Any recommends?

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These guys have been giving me great pricing lately.

+1 (623) 606-4443
Transport time

Text them Jim the broker referred you. I can only recommend i take no responsibility for them or liability. I have had clients use them many times without issue however. Drives are all licensed and insured.

I was using Benny but his pricing (aka broker fees) have been going up and up. He did say he was going to quote more aggressively in the future though so we shall see. My newest shipper has been a solid 10% less. Chad Cunningham recommended them so I def trust his opinion with the amount of cars he moves weekly.

Nothing like plugging your own company

Need to ship from MS to FL. Any suggestions

He want 100% on pickup. Is this correct?

I thought it was deposit and then remainder at delivery. Either way their prices are great, licensed and insured and they’re very well known. I’d have no prob paying them upfront personally.

I used Chris for my e-tron GT. Transport booked and delivered pretty much within 24 hour notice. Highly recommend!

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Another thumbs up on @harrydogyo shipper! The price is too good and is literally half the amount of what others transport companies quoted me. At first i was skeptical, but my 540i arrived in 24 hours in pristine condition Maryland (day before the bridge collapse) to MA. Thanks again @harrydogyo. The small delivery fee balanced out the high broker fee i paid for my 540i.


Awesome! So glad it worked out.

They’re two drivers and a dispatcher who make the DC to Boston area run with some variation (stops in PA, NY or NH). I booked them a few times paying a broker on top of the $300 they charge but then went direct and have used them a lot ever since.


Bumping this back.

Any good experiences with shippers on quality and price from NorCal to New England? West Coast to East Coast?

Thanks for any suggestions you have in advance!