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Another way to kill time while at home.

I present US Bank setting residual values:


They’re not that far from realistic, TBH…

If I’d been able to get 2019 RV’s (56% + adder) on our X5 we just picked up our payment would be nearly $50 cheaper. :weary:

You’re not wrong. 2017 Tacoma with 24k miles on a 2 year lease today is holding at 82% RV in open market at least in central PA versus projected 85% by USBANK.

Not like they don’t make their money back on being total mamzere on return (Super anal about condition from what I hear) as well as higher MF.

85% might not be right for a 2 year 12k/year lease. But yeah, I’m seeing around there for 3 year old tacomas with under 36k miles.

@RVguy this us bank meme is for you


I like it but those are payments not RVs (ducks)

Edit: for #2 my request is the meeting where Infinity thinks the current lineup is so fresh they don’t need to buy the residual up and MF down. “Trunk money? What’s that?”

Also if you can work wacky waving arms in please. They’re like an alien or robot on a kid’s show.

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Audi : “Trunk money on E-Trons? WE GOT IT

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Hahah totally except the guys setting US Bank RVs don’t even do payment calcs on their numbers with real world discounts to see the unicorns they are hatching.

I would kill to see their loss numbers YTD. @Cody_Carter and @Jrouleau426 are easily racking up 250-350k a month in RV losses on the units you 2 are sending them.


quick search on for 2017 Tacoma SR5 Double Cab under 36000 miles shows asking prices range of $24000 - 30000 in the north east. With original MSRP of $30,190, that low price range is pretty close to 79% RV.

Well the “Rant/Vent” thread was good while it lasted.

Now can we get some memes. Please.

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I was talking to one of my old managers at Audi the other day and two of them just picked up etrons for sub-$400/mo. The employee program plus trunk money is on another level.


Can I work 1 day a week…and get the both?:thinking::thinking::stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing beats my sales managers MSO 2017 F-Type SVR for $435 tax incl



  • sends quote riddled with absurd fine-print

Did he finalized the deal via email before he came in to sign the paperwork?




Anyone in sales can relate to this


That’s just ~$125/m below market value. Employees or managers have gotten way better deals than that on other cars over the years.

I don’t know that I’d call ~$500 /mo market value on an e-tron.