Car Accident Repair


That’s good to know. I live in CA and I usually have lawyer handle it for me so I don’t need to spend time talking to different parties involved. I always ask my insurance to repair the car for me so they can start the job right away. If you want to work with other insurance company, it takes weeks to get the police report and have the permission for the bodyshop to tear down the car for estimates.

My premiums didn’t go up in my last two claims. If that’s the case in NY, it really sucks.

TBH if what may happen at turn-in/inspection is giving you this much anxiety, leasing may not be right for you.


yeah i don’t think I would call the dealer first. Try to take care of it with the other person’s insurance because he rear ended you

I’m gonna chime in with my theory…

I think the OP wasn’t rear ended, but damaged the bumper himself instead, hence the lack of mention of a third party at fault, or police/report, or insurance.

Let’s keep the conspiracy theories rolling. :laughing:

So, I filed a claim through Enterprise/Elco, and they said they will send an adjuster for this, which has not happened yet. Since then, someone hit the right side of my rear bumper in a hit and run, while my car was parked. This is all Repairable damage (deep scratches/small dents) - I doubt Replacement is needed.
What can I do in this situation? It is two separate damages to the same car part (rear bumper).

Technically, that’s a separate claim.

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And when you file two separate claims for minor damage on the same part, watch for the letter in 30 days terminating your policy…


It is on the SAME auto part (rear bumper)
What if I need a new rear bumper anyway

How may I convince the car insurance Elco that I just want to submit photos/estimate without having an appraiser come look at the car?

I would say you have a solid 0% chance of convincing them to do that. Have never heard of it and any request for something like that would scream fraud at them.


My own insurance said they would do it because of coronavirus; they just need photos

And it greatly increases the chance that once they start fixing the car, they find more problems and the repair takes longer.

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I have the option of having the appraiser come to my house and look at the damages and give me a check based on what he sees, and then repair it on my own at a later time.
The times he wants to come look at the car does not fit my schedule. So I was wondering if I could just provide them auto body estimates and pictures instead and then have them write me a check, considering it was their driver’s fault?

Then pick a time that fits both schedules? Or have them goto your workplace.



You’ve received a lot of good advice in this thread that doesn’t seem to have sunk in.


Looked like a dimpled bumper, and took more than a month and multiple revisions to the claim, which is much easier when it’s in the shop being fixed.

When my WRX was rear-ended, it had to go back three times.

If you rush the adjustment and claim, you might very well pay for it in time and aggravation down the road. But do whatever you want.

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Seems you are hell bent on trying to get them to pay for damages their driver didn’t cause, and you want them to do this without even physically inspecting the car. So my suggestion is for you to try to get them to do that. If they do, great for you. But don’t be surprised if your request causes them to be extra meticulous with their ultimate inspection.

So what would you do and suggest?
I work 7am to 7pm, and park on the street during work, never know where I will be parking exactly (which street), so not sure how our schedules will match for them to come check the car during work since they only inspect 9-4PM

I suspect they will gladly come to where you work. I’ve done that many times in the past.

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Figure it out. IDK how you expect strangers off the internet to schedule a mutually convenient appointment for you.

We could go like this in circles or…

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