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I’d love to, but I don’t want to spend upwards of 500-600/month on a lease. If I could get one for under 400/month with 15K miles/yr I’d get one in a heartbeat. I didn’t even test drive one because I knew it was out of my budget. :slight_smile:

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Hi ngO,

I saw your post and I’m looking at locking a deal for an X3. Deciding between that a Merc & Audi. How was your experience using it for 3 years? Did it have a lot of maintenance? Any challenges while getting out of the lease?

The X3 was a great car. I wouldn’t purchase it, because I know the maintenance after 3 years would get really expensive, but the car itself is great. BMW included 3 years of oil changes with it, so that saved a lot of money. The major negatives are, it takes premium gas, so that gets pricey and tires are run flats, so BMW will charge like $1500 for a set of 4. Fortunately I was able to find some used tires for a few hundred bucks, so that saved me a lot. I’m not sure about the latest X3’s, but ours felt a little outdated compared to something like my Tesla. I feel like they still cater to an older crowd instead of modernizing the interior. I don’t know how they compare to Mercedes and Audi because I’ve never driven those. Honestly I never imagined I’d be able to afford an X3 but we were able to get it for under $400/month so that was a no brainer. I’d consider getting another one if we weren’t looking to get a 3 row SUV. Good luck with your search! :slight_smile:

Thanks mate for the detailed reply. Appreciate you taking out the time. I did not know about the tires. Guess I’ll have to add that to my checklist. Have you finalised on a three seater ? Best of luck with your hunt too. Cheers.

I believe the manufacturer says 89 octane is fine.

When I fill up our BMW at Costco I put in a bit more than half a tank of 87 and then top it off with 93 (they don’t sell 91 here).

Average cost per gallon is often less than if I bought a full tank of 87 for a different vehicle at some random station off the freeway.


Not a problem! Thanks! I’m sure i’ll find one soon! :slight_smile:

yea, you’re right, it does say you need at least 89. A few months ago I started going down to 89, but I know that’s definitely not ideal. It’ll be nice to just not have to worry about it.

Honestly, you’d be fine with 89 octane. That’s the minimum spec, so the car is capable of adjusting for it. That’s all I used in my 3 series, and I didn’t have an issue. I might have lost a minuscule amount of power, but it was negligible. Now, if you were to fill with 87 each fill…then you could see some problems.