Can't find an e-mail address for sales people!

Hi all! I’m back! My lease on our BMW X3 is up and we’re looking to move up to a larger 3 row SUV. After a bunch of test drives, we narrowed it down to Infiniti, Honda and Toyota that would potentially be in our price range. I looked up local Infiniti dealerships to get numbers from them and I can’t find a single e-mail address on their website. The one I’m looking at now is:

Anyone have an ideas on what I can do? Thanks!

You’ll get a reply by email, probably.

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Thanks! I did see that, but usually I try to email members of the sales team directly. I guess I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

Or just find a unit in-stock you like on their website and click the button to get a quote/contact.


While it doesn’t help your issue at hand of not having contact information, I would independently do the research as to what the prices on the vehicles should be and only contact the dealers regarding pricing to confirm. They’re a poor resource for determining what pricing should be.

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Thanks! You make a good point! I was trying to search for what numbers people were getting for the QX60 this month in socal but haven’t been able to find anything yet. I guess I’ll search out the Residuals and MF on edmunds and then do some calculations on the hacker calculator.

I doubt many deals have been done with December numbers, but I can’t imagine they’re that different from the past few months. Obviously confirming with edmunds number is the right way to go as you dig in more.

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My guess would be or

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Is this really a thread?


The guy is back, it’s expected


Close. I bought my INFINITI at this place.

My sales guy was outstanding, but he’s selling Audis elsewhere now.

Before the @ as quoted above is correct, but the domain for his email address is


seriously, is this really a question? If you don’t have any reasonable input, then just skip the thread and move on. It’s a reasonable question and some people actually gave me good suggestions.

yup, I’m back and the reason I haven’t checked out this forum in so long is because people like you make obnoxious comments instead of being helpful. Not sure why @michael keeps you on the “Trusted Hackr” list when you just make people want to not come back.

Wow. You were much nicer in your first coming. What happened?

Thanks so much for the fantastic input! :smiley: Too bad your sales guy isn’t there anymore. I could really use a good contact.

I’m still nice. I just don’t appreciate when people are jerks when I ask a perfectly reasonable question. I learned not to just blindly ask for numbers, but I thought this question wouldn’t set anyone off.

Didn’t set me off, that’s for sure. How’s your Model 3 treating you? All good?

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yup, the model 3 is absolutely amazing. I got a lot of crap for getting one on this site, but over a year and a half later and it’s still by far the best car I’ve ever driven. My only regret is not splurging for the performance model 3. :stuck_out_tongue: I wish I could afford the model X for my wife, but unfortunately I need to go with infiniti or something similar.

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Get a Volvo, way better than Infinity


That’s only because you have RSUs as part of your comp package for your volvo corporate job

All jokes aside, I agree

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