Cannot create new “Shared Deals & Tips” thread on mobile


For some reason i can’t post a new deal i found in the Share Deals & Tips section, am i banned from posting there?

SoCal 2018 Volvo S90 T6 Momentum ($292 +Tax $0 Down)

Why would you be banned? No idea why you can’t post there. @michael? Post in Trophy Garage with pics?


No idea why i can’t post, i typed it all up and when i try to click on the blue Create Topic button at the bottom nothing happens.


If you are still having issues, just create the post anywhere and @Ursus or myself can move your post to the appropriate section.


The problem is that when starting a new topic via mobile, there is no option to select the “tag”, which is required in order to start a new topic. On my laptop, the section is there, but on mobile it doesn’t exist so I don’t know how people can start a new topic via mobile, for me it’s impossible


I just tried on mobile and see what you see as well.

@michael @littleviolette Can you guys help fix this issue? Thanks.


Awesome! Thank you for your help and let’s get it fixed!


@jon, are you using iOS? I see that @eurocayman1 is.

Might help to track down to see if this is browser/OS specific. I’m using iOS w/Safari and seeing the same thing.


Yes, I’m on iOS as well.


I think it worked for me before on Android, without tags (not showing on mobile).


The forum software developers suppressed the tagging function on mobile due to space concerns. They are working on bringing the feature back on. The workaround in the meantime is to switch to the desktop view by clicking the hamburger icon on the upper-right hand corner. Hope this helps!