Cancelling deposit on 2022 Sienna LE AWD in NJ. Anyone here interested in it? Arriving to dealer in 1-2 weeks

My bro in law reserved a Sienna but due to unforeseen financial circumstances, he’s going to cancel the deposit. The dealer said it was a non-refundable $2,500, however nothing was signed which states this. But he would rather come to them with another buyer ready to go, in order to avoid conflict. Deposit has been refunded

Location: NJ/NY Tri-State
2022 Sienna LE AWD Hybrid
Color: Ruby Flare Pearl
MSRP: 39,800
+Markup 5k

Scheduled arrival is in mid Sept (1-2 weeks from now)

Deposit will be paid direct to dealer, not us. (The idea is they’d be more agreeable to refund us if we have another buyer lined up)

Please PM me if interested

Is your brother-in-law law looking to recoup his deposit from the other buyer?

Not sure what the market is like for one of these, but it might be a tough sell for fellow hackers.

No, we assume the dealer will refund him if another buyer is lined up. I will clarify the post

Pretty insane actually. Most dealers wanted 8k markup for units months out. Others said no stock for a year, the rest laughed at me when asking about Sienna availability.

This is really a “for sale” thread rather than a shared anything. One way or another the original “buyer” wants $2,500

I wasn’t sure where to post tbh… I don’t think he’ll have too much trouble getting it back since the demand for Sienna is so high. I figured for the right person looking, this would be helpful. Plus it’s on the lower end of markups on these
But feel free to move the thread

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Fyi, there is a broker in the Marketplace advertising a lower markup on the Sienna.

True, but those appear to be higher trims with higher prices (and unclear if AWD but it’s irrelevant)
Also with the broker fee plus shipping to east coast it comes out similar.

Again, I’m not trying to beat out or compete with anything, just putting this out there for anyone in NY tri state who wants a local unit available this week or next. For someone looking for a unit soon this can make them happy. If it bothers too many ppl I will delete the post

(I’m not even super worried about the deposit since nothing was signed or put in writing about it being non refundable.)

Ya know, (not that this matters now) if ya brother in law shopped alittle harder (out of state) he prob could’ve secured an inbound unit at MSRP . Few I know have…

But we’re in NJ and plenty folks ready to pay that mark up. Hopefully they refund his deposit if he can’t transfer it to someone else.

My normal deals are 6-7k over. Or order for 4k over unless in pa (1500 over). His deal isn’t terrible at all.

2500 is a gift and they’re all gone already! They were fwd


Agreed but they Couldn’t wait, they were told their car was unsafe to drive and they have 2 kids. Needless to say, they were in a rush

Lol thanks for the sanity check I was beginning to feel like I was doing something wrong


I would make sure they won’t refund the deposit honestly. I don’t work with nj dealers but all my ny and Pa dealers will refund deposits.

They’re not out money bu then backing out. It’s going to sell regardless. Maybe try to reason with then if that’s possible.

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Wow. Reasonable logic. Amazing. :congratulations:

Reasoning…$2500 is a vacation for 2, mortgage payment, groceries for a month or two. It’s 2 weeks of labor for most. Some dealer that doesn’t have damages isn’t owed $2500 bc someone is just scrambling for a car in this absurd market. $500, fair I suppose. $2500 def not.

I’d def give the dealer some grief


Update: dealer refunded the deposit without issue. Again if anyone wants a Sienna LE AWD around NY tri state in the next week or 2, PM me


If I can get it and register it out of state I’ll take it. Shoot me a text. 941-720-2969

Good to see they got the deposit back. Never back down from dealer BS

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At this point I’m sure its already been taken, but PM me for dealer info

Mods - please lock thread, as I assume this is no longer available (to anyone still PMing me now you shoulda hit me up last week!).