Cancelled out the topic , have fun guys

done, finished the topic

That’s not entirely correct. One time pay gets a MF adjustment down, no? It would be a close estimate though.

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What’s wrong with this ALL CAPS thing?..


It gets attention, apparently :smirk:

Might be just me, but isn’t July 5th a little late for an “early bird 4th of July special”?


What do you have for Traverse RS or similar?

Depending on the MF adjustment it may not be close.

I finally looked it up…1% for 24 + 27 mos, 1.75 for 36, 39, 42 + 48. Minimum MF is .00001. You’re only hitting the minimum on a Cadillac these days.

4th of july weekend jack, must be really bored with your life

are you looking for a car or a mathematician gig? looks like a geographic coordinate numbers, sometimes you guys forget you’re in a market for a car with a decent payment, why do you like to make your life so complicated? get a car and move on with your life

You’re clearly missing the point of why people contribute regularly to this site…and I can assure you that alienating respected members (Like @mp11477) here doesn’t help you earn business from people viewing this site.


This guy must be new here right?

Bet people are going to be throwing money at you… lol :rofl:


Had I been in the market, and had I been in your neck of the woods, you lost me brother. Be fair, and be honest, not an asshole. Plenty of others on this site to hand my business to.

I’m not in the market for a “car with a decent payment.” I’m in the market for a “decent car purchase price” and not to be jacked off by the slimy car salesman. Believe it or not, interest plays into that and your one pay calculation is, in fact, wrong.


@max_g @littleviolette @michael
We should start charging registered brokers and salesman

Having little vetting leads to conversations like this.

This is supposed to be a civil forum where hackrs can be free to discuss deals posted without comments from guys like @anon39645237

Look at @chevysalesgirl -> Thats the way to go!

The last thing you need @anon39645237 is a bad rating on dealerrater or google for the business you represent!


I don’t think you understand the point of these forums. You’re not going to bully anyone into a shitty deal here, go bother your local community if you wish to act like that.

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Kind of new here and… wow. Just wow.

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I think is is possibly my favorite post of all time, in a very special way!

… and you fit all of this car salesman stereotype.
Good luck surviving here! :rofl:


Nice pic. Kind of looks like him too, especially that ring.

i dont need comments about what i should and should not advertise, my numbers are final and i only need those who are interested to reply, i dont want anybody commenting on how to operate my business.