"Can you share me how did you come up with these numbers"

Hi I’m in IL. First off, thank this forum I learned so much here.

When I emailed local dealers with detailed offer(I was asking for 13% pre-incentives discount on RX350), I got response asking for how the number was calculated.

Can you share with me how did you arrive at these numbers? Is this an offer you have from a local dealer?

It wouldn’t supprise me if dealer refuse the offer directly. But in this case, what should I respond so as to possibly earn the deal? As dealer asked, it feels like this seems a doable discount?

Well, where did you get the numbers?

If you’ve done your homework on here with researching past deals and broker offerings, and are confident with the calculator, you should know the deal you’re asking for is doable (albeit aggressive).

I would just respond with something like “my offer is based on my own research of similar Lexus deals in the XYZ state area, I understand it’s aggressive but I’m not shopping dealer vs. dealer, if you want to move a car today I can be in to sign this afternoon”…

Not all dealers will play ball, if they balk or say that’s not possible etc. etc. just thank them and move on (and wait for them to call you back towards the end of the month).

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If they come back asking how you got to your monthly, make sure you are prepared to show it to them. For starters, read this: How To Calculate Lease Payments By Hand — LEASEHACKR.

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In my experience, that’s their way of poking holes in your logic (e.g., a deal a friend got months ago, an advertised special without any fees included, etc). I just play dumb and say I want to be at “xyz” per month with “xyz” DAS. Makes it easier on both sides – either they can try to get close, or balk and say that they’re nowhere near that. I do make it clear that I can leave a deposit immediately or sign that afternoon if they make the numbers work.


Do exactly this and list your incentives. Then offer drive off and monthly.

I’m with this. ^^

Giving them a complicated answer almost always results in more dancing. When I have said “that’s just where I want to be,” there is nothing for them to argue with.

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I just tell them I pulled it off thin air. From my experience dealers want to play will play, otherwise you are basically wasting time telling them it’s doable at this price while they have no intent to start with. At manger level they will typically tell you what’s the best % they can do, take it or leave it which is totally fine for me. You really can’t force anyone selling you at a price you want.

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