Can you pre-pay for overage miles before lease turn in?


My lease ends at the end of month and I’ll probably be nearing 8k miles over. Wondering if I can still prepay for the overage miles vs. paying at the end?

Also wondering if service for lease cars need to be done from BMW certified locations. This was a lease takeover and so I maintainence did not transfer and car is due for an oil change. I’d prefer to a shop I know instead of paying the high service fees of a dealer. But wondering if they’ll ding me for it at the end.

My guess is your contracted overage is $0.25/mi, but you can prepay during the lease term at 20 cents.

I’m aware of captives having a limit on when you can buy miles, a search might reveal that for you.

It’s 23 cents now I believe

Asked and answered many times.