Can you negotiate prices on a custom ordered car?

Never seen one done this before, but I’m considering a customer ordered car for my next car (I know it requires waiting…so im planning ahead)
But the question is can you still negotiate the prices on the car if you work with the dealer or you still have to pay what it says on the sheet?

Are ordered cars hard to negotiate compare to in stock units?

Yes, you can try. Whether you will have any success and how much depends on the brand and model. Also, it is standard practice to have an agreed-upon selling price before you finalize an order so there isn’t a negotiation or miscommunication once your order arrives.

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Absolutely. However, it depends on whether or not that model is in demand and what the dealer is willing to do. If there are discounts for the vehicle in the market, then call around dealers and see what they’re willing to do.

You can obviously negotiate the variables controlled by the dealer. Selling price, MF markup and no ads-ons.

The other variables depend on the lessor. BMWFS, for example, locks your MF and RV for 90 days in west coast with approval IIRC.

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Thanks thats really useful info!

Sounds like ordered cars are harder to negotiate compare to in stock ones?

There’s no point debating such broad generalizations. What make, model and trim?


Not true. Ordering a Chrysler Dodge Jeep or Ram product will get you a higher discount for ordering in many cases.

If you give us an idea of the manufacturer and model we can give you a better idea.

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Q8 / Q8 etron

The bigger issue you’ll have is that it’s a new model and you’re unlikely to get any concessions because it’s new. Whereas for regular e-trons recently there have been double digit discounts and on regular Q8s brokers here like @AutoCompanion are at 7% off sticker.

Competitors from BMW and Mercedes are piling up on lots with big discounts right now, 10% or more on ix and much higher on Mercedes (though they’re not seeming to be the most reliable rides). Wouldn’t be a surprise if paying sticker to be first with a Q8 etron could have been waiting and paying less.

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With the right dealer**** :wink:

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Isn’t the Q8 Etron just a rebadge of a regular Etron with slightly better range?

I was actually looking for in stock etrons, but could barely find 1-2 on my local area w a crazy high msrp lol

As has been said - yes.

I have ordered cars with a “custom” build that were sometimes a better deal than what was on the lot. It all depends on the make, model, dealer, allocations and time of month, quarter and year. You will be (usually) gambling on what incentives/financing will be available by the time the car comes in as well.

Not hard to do with some legwork and you get exactly what you want.

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Here’s a broker in the marketplace with one

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2023 Audi Q8 E Tron
MSRP 77xxx
Monthly Payment: $ 770+ tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 3500
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 7.5k

Here too

Not sure I would call an almost 80 mile increase in range, “slightly better range”. The regular Etron has horrible range.

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Thank you!

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Anything that’s not a game-changer is just a slight improvement. And the improved range is not a game-changer. There aren’t any hordes lining up for an etron Q8.

Well yea, it’s an 80k car without significant discounts.

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