Can you help to verify the calculation?

I recently received a BMW quote from the dealership, but the monthly fee is different from the calculation.

Can you please help me to verify if this is normal?

MSRP $53,045
Sale price $47,500
Lease Cash $2,000
Bank fee $925
Doc fee $80
License $422
Residual 60% ($31,827)
36 month, 15K mile
MF = 0.00086 with MSD

According to the calculator, I should be paying
Drive off $5,042
Monthly w/o tax: $473
Monthly w/ tax: $515
Total lease cost = $19,170

What I got from dealer is
Drive off $4,200 (looks like even the registration fee and doc fee are rolled in to monthly payment)
Monthly w/o tax $506
Monthly w/ tax $551.54

Looks like dealer price overall is $800 more than the calculator number.

Am I missing anything here?

What car are you talking about? I am looking to lease a BMW x4…
btw if you go to there is a great lease calculator to plug in numbers

I am getting a 3 series.

I think I am getting a good feeling about the numbers.

All the numbers checks out, except the dealer charges. The dealer rolled in a lot of fees to “Upfront charges”, that’s why the number didn’t come along.