Can you get a great lease rate on a custom made BMW?

I am planning on leasing a 2020 440i. I cannot find a manual RWD one in Maryland. The ones that are manual are either M4 or all-wheel drive. As a result, I am left with building a new BMW. I have made the quote and asked around. So far the car is $60k and I have an offer from a dealer for 15% off MSRP (from emailing not even talked in person yet).

My question is can I get this car for a great low monthly rate even though BMW has to build it? or do they not care and as long as they make money off me they’re happy?

Your “great monthly rate” is going to depend on MF and incentives available when you place your order/take delivery. However, 15% off MSRP right off the bat on a custom order is really good IMO.

Is that 15% before or after incentives? If after, as I suspect it is, what incentives are being included?


There’s no way you are getting 15% off a custom build before any incentives.

Given the difference in discount and incentives you might be close to an M4 payment anyway

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I lied its 54k

M4 is overkill imo

Based on his email, theres a 95% chance that it’s going to be 15% after incentives, including some you don’t qualify for, with a fully marked up MF, and some bs add ons.


how did this go?

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Bump. Any headway?