Can we stop the thread dumping?

Ball on my court? Man its not a competition. For all I care the moderators should lock these threads so nobody posts and whoever interested just sens a private message.

I guess then whomever asks the hackers can open a new thread into ask hackers part of forum to ask about the lease transfer if it is good or not.

If we’re going to be pedantic, it does NOT invite anyone to respond saying they’re interested in the private lease transfer either, so I suppose nobody should respond at all?

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This isn’t a classified add, its a discussion forum. If you don’t want feedback, don’t post on a forum.


By the same token: If the feedback is useless, don’t post it.


This forum has a lot of members that try to act high and mighty over others based on the price of their lease or because they have more knowledge about leasing. I find that really odd considering what this forum is for, like we should be judging each other based on our lease deals…kinda silly.

So that being said I would agree with you about the transfer section if this were not a forum to discuss getting a lease as cheap as possible. I think it’s a good thing for people to look out for each other by critiquing deals so that people don’t get ripped off. Now if someone is doing it just to claim they have more clout than someone else, which a lot here do indeed do, that’s just weird and kinda pathetic…

While I’m sure there are a few that do that, most that I have seen feel that people are crapping on them are people that don’t want to be critiqued. I’m amazed how many people I’ve seen that refuse to post the details of their lease because they don’t want it analyzed, after benefiting from a resource of having deals torn apart and analyzed.

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Agreed, telling people to not critique deals on a forum specifically made to get the best price possible on a lease is pretty ridiculous…

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The threat of that happening isn’t really realistic, though.

But isn’t that what this forum is specifically for? How do you say that isn’t realistic when it happens every day over and over.

So you’re saying people are just calling out deals as bad for no reason?

Folks, there are several different subforums. Each serves a different purpose. It is mistaken to think that each subforum provides a license to critique. Otherwise, it should be one big forum. No off ramps. No ask a hackr. No private lease transfer, etc. Just a Hackr have at it subforum. Going back to the beginning. The private lease transfer subforum should not be a place for critique. I agree with the previous comments that posts in the transfer subforum should be locked after the initial post.

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No, that’s not what the private lease transfer sub is for.

People like to play imaginary superhero saving time imaginary victims from the imaginary big bad wolves of LHF private lease transfers

Ask yourself this: how many people from the peanut gallery are active in the Ask the Hackrs sub saving actual people from actually getting ripped off?


You can justify trying to censor it all you want but for me personally before I picked something up and was shopping around I appreciated that people criticized those deals on there. Especially when there was a back and forth and the person criticizing sent links and examples of better deals and why the deal was bad, it was actually quite helpful.

Is this about people’s feelings or is this about stopping someone for pawning off a bad deal? In either case it’s ridiculous…


So if that’s the case then do your research and post your questions in ask the hackers. This dumping doesn’t always happen from knowledgeable people anyway. How many times have we seen some guy saying that the deal is not that good because a year or few months ago the deal was xxx.xx?

Another thing that ticks me is the “testing the market” type of tread. For fuck sake, when you are ready to transfer your car just post it up.


I’d like to imagine there’s no one lazy enough to jump into a lease transfer without taking literally just a few minutes to check swapalease and any relevant brand-specific forums for themselves.

So basically you guys want to enact a no bullying policy to save people’s feelings and help people easier unload bad leases?

You guys live in California or New York by any chance haha?

Really don’t care about the argument here i just find it curious that you want to censor people on a “discussion” board.

Are you done with the snowflake defense? Are people not allowed to have different opinions than yours? It’s not bullying that i posted against, it’s stupidity. As mentioned before, that section of the forum is not the discussion board.

If only that was actually what happened

Of course you’re allowed to have a different opinion but does that mean I’m not entitled to mine? That’s a pretty hypocritical thing to say don’t you think?

Again I just think it’s odd for someone to push for censorship given what this forum is specifically designed to accomplish, doesn’t matter what section it is.

Mind you I’ve never critiqued anyone’s ad and probably never will but I can’t see a reason to stop someone else from doing it…

My opinion buddy

@FrancisK, it seems you believe that this is one big forum. You are entitled to your opinion, but it seems that your opinion is based on ignoring the significance of, and distinctions between, the different subforums. If I’m mistaken, please explain why there are different subforums that clearly serve different purposes? Perhaps I’m missing something.

Organization? Ease of searching?

The only different rule listed in the private lease transfer sticky is “no commercial posts”.