Can we stop the thread dumping?

As far as I know the “Private Lease Transfer” section isn’t a continuation of the “Ask The Hackrs” section. People post deals there that they are looking to get out of. With people posting “that’ll never sell here” and “you’re better off taking that to swapalease” it’s polluting people’s threads. While I agree some of the deals are very egregious and it’s obvious, some are pretty decent deals. I saw one thread where the guy’s deal wasn’t horrible for a non MSD lease. On queue here come the boo birds, telling him to take it to SAL and drop his cash request. This isn’t the “Rate My Deal” section and what one person may not be willing to pay someone else might. I feel like if you’re genuinely trying to help the seller, a PM would be more beneficial. People who have no intention on taking over a lease, shouldn’t be commenting on people’s threads. Moderators should start controlling that more, anybody has the ability to derail someone’s thread and I don’t think that’s fair. That’s just my 2 cents! And no, I’m not getting ready to post a horrible deal… lol… it’s just an observation.


I think a helpful post to those people trying to use this as a free alternative to swapalease, letting them know that they aren’t in line with the quality of deals expected by this community is more beneficial than not. After all, this is a site whose singular purpose is to share knowledge on how to analyze deals and get the best value possible.


Posting a critique is one thing. The thing that kills me every time, is once someone posts “terrible deal,” 15 more people pile on and say the exact same thing, as if their OWN opinion will somehow change things. Or, they just like to see their comments on the internet maybe.

Then you have the ones who like to spend OPs money by telling OP how much they should lay out as an incentive to get rid of the car. “You need to put a 4,000 incentive on that BMW, giving it an effective 150/mo payment before it’s attractive.”

All of that said, unless it’s a very good deal, it likely won’t move here, if people understand the market. It’ll just move to the bottom of the pile until a newbie joins and bumps the thread asking if it’s still available a year later.


It’s precisely this point that should result in a change of no thread dumping allowed in threads for private lease transfers.

I don’t think there’s a problem with someone making a suggestion. I would agree that we don’t need 15 people piling on saying “terrible deal” though.

IMO, the thread should be locked once it’s posted. OP can still edit once locked. People can then PM the OP directly vs cluttering the post with “is this still available?” “I’d take this lease if it had 5 more miles a month, and was a different color” and “pm me, I’m interested” posts as well.


I think someone realizing sooner rather than later that it will not happen here is better than waiting for a few weeks and then realizing a different avenue should have been pursued.

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This idea makes good sense and is an improvement. We (the LeaseHackr pros) should not be an impediment to folks looking to transfer out. Keep in mind that the private lease transfer subforum is a source of clicks and serves as an alternative to the other paid services.

Who’s to say someone might not want the deal though? If the deal is ho hum, yet it checks the boxes for someone, so be it. Let the market speak. Someone likely posted here first because there’s no charge. Let them decide how long it should sit before he pays to have it posted elsewhere.


That’s my exact point. There was a deal I saw that seemed to be a fair deal. It wasn’t a unicorn deal or some blowout deal. But it was probably better than your average buyer could get. And the first post was “that’ll never move here, try swapalease”. Who’s to say the next person looks and thinks that since it’s not a good deal I’ll move on. Who are they to judge what’s a good deal and what’s not. I think for the most part we all can tell what a horrible deal is and it will definitely drop to the bottom quickly.

That’s what I suggested a long time ago. Or was it about brokers’ threads? Or both? :slight_smile:
But then locked thread will drop, which is not a problem since they all will be in the same Private Lease Transfer category. And I think editing OP bumps it up?

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Doesn’t look like it bumps the thread when locked. I just edited that Telluride post you locked and it didn’t bump it. I edited OPs post, simulating him doing it

Probably doesn’t really matter if they all closed. Like you said, now someone can bump a year old transfer - what good does it do? Whoever goes there can either scroll or search. Sold should be marked in the title as such.

I think we are a website that helps people. I would think we can pinpoint when someone is hiding negative equity and pawning it to someone else. Again, my opinion is to ensure transparency is the purpose of the forum.

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Helping is one thing. Everyone coming out of the woodwork posting the exact same thing just to see their post on the internet is another.

That said, even if the deal has negative equity built in, it might still be better than someone can or is willing to do on their own. Maybe they need something quick and don’t want to go through the hassle of going through a dealership to negotiate. Maybe it’s something specific that someone is looking for…who knows. Ultimately, it’s their money and their decision to make, helping aside. As an example…look at the guy that absolutely wanted a Honda that the deal was atrocious. Everyone told him so, he said we were all stupid (paraphrasing), and he took it anyways.

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Point taken. No need 20 people state the same. But honda guy its on him. Forum told him unanimously not to do it. Forum served its purpose.

So that should mean you agree to let the lease transfer subforum serves its purpose.

I dont believe i have stated otherwise?

I believe you are saying that an opinion that a posted lease trade is not a good deal is okay to post. That is not the point of the lease trade subforum. The main forum, yes.

Says who? Are we the free swapalease? Sorry but too many restrictions on this forum. However, moderators can do what they want. I said my opinion and i stand by it.


This is an easy response. First, the subforum clearly invites users to post their private lease transfers for free and it does NOT invite the input of the Hackr community. The Ask a Hackr subforum, by its very terms and title, invites the Hackr community’s input. Ball’s in your court.

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