Can someone help me get an e300 demo

Im located in Ny
Can anyone help me get an e300 demo deal?
Id be willing to pay you for your time.
I don’t know how to even start searching.
I don’t know if they do msd in NY
If anyone can help that would be great

I don’t think NY has MSD so you probably wont be able to get to the same point as some of the great deals you see posted here. If you are looking for a broker in NY @nyclife should be your first and only call.

Buying from a dealer outside of NY would allow the OP to utilize MSDs. I’d also recommend @nyclife.

If you register your car in NYC, you can still do MSDs?

Yes, with certain brands. MBFS allows it, but I think LFS does not.

from what i’ve read it’s possible however there are some surrounding out of state dealerships who won’t accept MSDs if the car goes to NY.

Just saying, the deals of the e300 demo are over, there are almost none left in socal and ny.