Can someone help me buy a Cruze Premier Advice?

So I won’t be leasing and I desperately need a vehicle. I no longer do ford due to their transmission issues.
I live in Florida (central florida) and I’m looking to buy a 2016 Cruze Premier, I need help finding the best deal.
So I basically need help with incentives and research which I been doing for months. I’m not sure or familiar with car purchasing and I have good credit. So how low can I buy this vehicle for in my state ?

I need wisdom & advice thank you

Sorry, no leasing = no help
JK :slight_smile:

You need to first make 100% sure that it’s the car you want AND that’s the car you would want and will enjoy 5-6 years from now, otherwise, back to leasing :slight_smile:
Best thing I can recommend is use the TrueCar and use it properly i.e. Get the different quotes from all the dealers you feel like traveling to and do not set your foot in the door until they commit in writing (email is fine) to price and terms that you feel acceptable to you. Look on Chevy side for incentives, but one of the dealers most likely will spill the beans and tell you if any are available to beat the other dealers and get your business.
I am also a little confused, you are saying that your are doing your research for month and desperately need a car now. What have you learned so far?

I was doing research on what vehicle is good for my use. I don’t have that much money because I invested everything in my business that I just started so everything is fine but my business is slowly growing and doing pretty good. I will be using the vehicle for personal use and what also can be called “Business use”. But that vehicle fits with what I need.

Any particular reason you settled for looking for a Cruze Premier? Also, what’s the reason a lease is not feasible? Drive too many miles for lease mileage limits?

Buy a truck in the name of the business and write it off as a business expense.