Can I transfer Honda loan?

Can one name be replaced on 2 names honda finance loan ?


To clarify, is a loan or a lease?

It’s purchase

So you’re trying to remove a cosigner from the loan, is that correct? From what I understand, I believe this can only be done by refinancing the loan.

Have you called HFS to inquire, looked at your loan contract, or looked for the information on the HFS website?

There are two names on registration. The name comes second is co-buyer. This is the one wants her name removed. Co-buyer’s sister wants to put her name.

afaik co signer name doesn’t seem on the registration

I’m confused. So Person A wants to remain on the registration, Person B wants to be taken off the registration, and Person C wants to be added on to the registration?

That’s correct

Sorry, I didn’t mean to interchange the words registration and loan.

I’m pretty sure the only way to accomplish what you’re asking is to refinance the car with Person A and Person C on the new loan.

Have you spoken to HFS about this situation?

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+1 on refinance. You can’t add/remove names from a contract otherwise

Told by hfs that refinance thru another bank.

In case of untimely death, the cosigner can be removed :slight_smile: :hot_face:


Just have them go to Georgia to get their nails done, go to a restaurant, see a movie, etc!

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I got Georgia on my mind.

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Be careful with the car loan. A good friend of mine took out a car loan six months ago and got into a terrible accident a month later. He was in the hospital for 2 months and didn’t pay the loan, as he had no money. His loan company sold his loan to a collection company that deals with Every day when he went to the hospital for procedures, he met with men from the collection service, who tried to ruin his life. He went to the police but they couldn’t help him. Never take a loan for a car, they aren’t so expensive to be patient and save up for it, so as not to face a similar problem. p.s. The accident wasn’t my friend’s fault.

Yeah car lenders don’t care if you lose your job or are in Hopsital generally.


Come on, this is just dumb. You should just say never go to a hospital in the US.


I agree. Never go to hospital if you can avoid it. Hospital :hospital: :ambulance:

And don’t get a loan. Do a lease so you don’t feel bad when the lender repos it since the title is in their name in the first place.

I’m assuming Leo’s policy extends to never get a loan on anything, since it doesn’t really matter to collection agency goons why you owe what you owe.

Did no one else think of the talking duck on TV. AFLAC offers insurance for this very issue. You are better off getting insurance for income loss due to injury than never using any sort of credit.

Can not believe we are going to debate someone who signed up just to post this.