Can I temporarily suspend insurance or change it to garage storage insurance for I leased car?

I will not drive the leased car for three months. Is it allowed by Honda (who leased me the car) to suspend or change the insurance to minimum premium? Thanks.

Brand: Honda
State: IL

Have you tried calling Honda to find out what they require?


I don’t think any will allow that. Still possibility of something happening to the car, even in storage.

Highly doubtful. I once got waiver of required minimum coverage from PenFed for winter storage but that was on a finance obviously. Just call them…

And depending on your state insurance regulations it may be a terrible idea. In MI, vehicles are not covered by homeowner’s insurance whatsoever. A tree fell on a hand-me-down pickup truck of mine a couple years ago…it was uninsured (only used for yard work and trips to the local bulk supply) and there was no way for homeowners to cover it. Oh well.

I garaged my paid-off 8 year old car, cancelled insurance and CA DMV mails me a letter that they will cancel my registration if I dont have insurance on the car… like wtf… so that is something to consider too.

Switch to Metromile. They charge a low base rate plus extra $$ for each mile you drive. If you aren’t driving then you just pay the low base rate.

In most states you have to return the tag/plate to avoid getting that letter…seen that scenario happen to a few friends over the years.

To clarify, the questions should be “can I remove collision/comprehensive insurance from a vehicle that is owned by a Financial institution”.

The answer is no as you do not own the vehicle.


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If you you car is registered with DMV then you required to have insurance,

Honda requires state minimum here. Unsure if it changes by state

Yes you can change to minimum req if Honda allows it

In New York once u remove insurance from the vehicle dmv will send u mail about to return the plates

in CA you can do PNO, but the stupid thing is that even if you want to have the car registered to be driven 1 day of the year, you still have to pay the reg fee for the whole year.

No they don’t allow it.

i agree, suspending insurance will be a bad idea, yes if he wants to change with someone else with a good rate then it would be fine

Most likely you can’t reduce the insurance but raise your deductible as much as possible and save some cash there.

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