Can i still shop around?

Hi Guys,

Was at BMW dealership yesterday and the dealer ordered a car for me as they did not have the option I was looking for,

However they said this is Locked deal and I am still not obligated to buy once the car arrives.

We have tentatively agreed on a number and he submitted my credit application to BMWFS.

Can I still shop around other BMW dealerships to get a better #

Or is this totally a douche move…

Thank you for the help!

They don’t have the car, haven’t located one I assume, and tellin you ur not obligated, so shop around if someone else has the car / deal you want, its their loss, they can always offer to match

@CaptQ so even though they already ran my credit application - I can go to another dealership and get the deal I assume?

I didn’t sign any other paper other than my credit application.

just wanted to be sure.

Thank you!

Yes… go ahead…

My biggest piece of advice is don’t rush into anything. If a dealer says today only blah blah they are trying to hurry you into a bad decision.

Always take your time and always shop around. If you haven’t signed the deal in finance then you can still shop around

Post the numbers they gave you

If you’ve put no money down you are absolutely in the clear.