Can I sell parts of a leased car?

Long story short, I just signed off on a lease for a Jeep Wrangler. It came with a dual top option and i was planning on selling the soft top.

Question is, will it affect me in anyway when I return the lease after the 3 year term?

I was planning on using the money to gain back some of the money I used on the down payment. Also it’s huge so I have no where to store it.

Any advice would be appreciated.

yes, you generally have to return a lease with everything it came with. your only hope is that it would be cost effective to sell it now and repurchase used it when you return the lease.


Long story short yes. You will be charged for it if it isn’t with the vehicle on turn in.

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Yeah my thought was to sell it now (I have a small apartment so no where to store this thing) and buy it back used 3 years later when I can find cheaper used ones. The soft top is going for a premium right now since the Wrangler just came out so I guess one of my options would be to sell it now and buy back cheaper if needed after 3 years.

It is like asking if you need to return the car with all the doors attached. Yes. It is part of the car that the bank owns.
I wouldn’t sell and then try to buy back. Only asking for trouble.


The problem is that I live in an apartment and I have no where to store it. It’s a hugee package

why did you get it with that option then?


Dealership only had one of the cars I was looking for and it happened to have a dual top. Definitely should have thought that part over

I’m not trying to do anything shady. I just don’t have a garage to store this damn thing lol. I’m just asking is it okay if I sell this now and replace it OEM by the end of the term. And I’m sure it won’t be hard to replace it since it’ll be more abundant and cheaper than it is now

You can sell any part of your car except for anything with vin and but keep in mind that whatever icame with your car needs to go back and should be in a notmal condition including those useless manual in the glove box.

It’s a risk, but its not a huge risk, worst case, they charge you for it like its brand new. still might be worth it (i.e. it cost you $1500 to replace from them, sell it for $1000, lose $500 but dont have to store it for 3 years, the space could be worth $500+ to you)


I would do it but mostly because there would be a strong chance I don’t keep the vehicle 3 years and then hand it back over. ;b

What do you mean?

That’s what I’m thinking…

Me? Just that I don’t tend to keep my vehicles that long. You never know of course but maybe by the end, you can sell the vehicle for more than the buyout and would not have to worry about the top.

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Yeah and I think I might even purchase the vehicle at the end of the term. My first time leasing so this is all new to me lol

Sell it, then cry the dealer never gave it to you. :smiling_imp:

If you don’t end up selling it then I would try to find the least expensive storage unit.

Just use the post office to mail it to a fake address in Germany. I had a package Returned for missing a number in the address, arrived back exactly 3 years to the day I sent it. Cheap storage.

unless the piece has a VIN or is specific to that car (in other words can’t be replaced with the exact same thing) I don’t see a problem selling it new now for a premium and rebuying it later used as long as it’s in good condition.

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